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I had a group come in last week that wanted to swordfish one night and tuna fish the following day. We left out about 6 pm and went out and set lines in one of the sword spots. At 730 we had a runoff on the 100 foot line. We came tight on him and Gary put a solid sword in the boat after a 30 minute fight. That was pretty much the end of the action for that night although we did miss one later on that night. Just pulled the hooks. We quit swordiing at daylight and went over to a snapper spot and put a quick limit of 16 red snappas in the boat as well as one nice mangrove.

Saturday morning started out in a torrential rainstorm which delayed us about an hour. Bait was easy to make but the fish didnt start off easy. We put our first yellowfin in the boat around noon on a livie. Around one I made the decision to move over to another rig out to the west. Got there and didnt see anything at first. Around 20 minutes into our excursion there we hooked up on a 50 pound yellowfin of which Joe made good work of and put in the box. We picked away at the schoolies picking up another two in the next hour or so before the big momma hit. We knew this fish was special when it hit. She took about 300 yards of line on her first run straight down then just stayed down. Eventually Gary was able to work on her and she came up remarkably easy. When we got color we saw she was tailwrapped which explained the lack of fight. I got a good shot with the harpoon and we put a 140 class fish in the boat in 15 minutes on a 30 with 60 pound leader. We ended this day with five yellowfin and a blackfin.

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