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Offshore VEnice LA

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I had a trip to run on saturday as well so we left out about 615 in the morning and headed back to the same spot. One of my deckhands Lee was running a private boat trip I had him booked on that day as well so he followed me out. The first live bait in the water that day was taken out of my hand as I was letting it out and we broke the ice quick with a 60 pound fish. I live baited for another 45 minutes with no success so we decided to chunk and the first drift we doubled up on yf. I figured we might be on to something here as we got a single yf on the next drift. At this point we had 4 hits and 4 fish in the box for a pretty good ratio that would only get better.

At this point Lee started chunking and hooked up.

We made three more drifts and had three straight doubleheaders to bring our total to 10 yf. Lee is still fighting his fish at this point and was now about a half mile from the rig. We decide to make one more drift and we get a single yf in the boat to go 11 for 11 on the day.

WE then go over to harass Lee for being on the same fish for 2 hours at that point when they request my presence on the boat as they think the fish is close to being landed. They were wrong. I ended up taking over the rod for a little while and remember why I dont like fighting big fish. They really put a hurting on you. I got the fish to color and passed it back to one of Lees guys and they went to work on it. This was one mean freaking fish. It took about 30-40 minutes from getting color on it to getting it close enough for me to stick a gaff in the biggest tuna I have personally ever gaffed. Lee got a second gaff in it and we pulled it over the side and dumped her in the box and headed to the dock where we proceeded to weigh it in at a whopping 210 pounds.

The final picture is Lee with his personal best yf.

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Sweet I figured you would have a good day following our trip Eddie. LMAO sorry about those Tigers. Look at the bright side atleast the Saints won hahahahahaa! You have a PM get back with me on January when you get a chance. I already have my buds pumped up and ready to go.

Man, I hate to say it but you were right, we did miss it by a day!
Aint complainin' though, after making 188 tuna steaks, I gave away as much as I could to all my good friends!
Eddie, I can't wait to get back down there and fish w/ you guys again.
Congrats to Lee on the 210#; that means there's a 250 around somewhere!
I'll be ready, and I promise not to make your boat look like a porcupine next time!
Tight lines amigo!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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