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Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by CaptEddie, Jul 25, 2006.

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    The topwater bite has been on off of Venice. Been using a combo of frenzy poppers and a super secret special casting lure. Their only thing in common is they both catch fish. I ran a trip on friday out about 70 miles and found thousands of yellowfins rolling around. They are typically a little harder to catch when they are doing this and things held true to form as they wouldnt eat a livie but they ate casted baits and chum pretty well as the kevin vanderbrook group spent all day casting around and must have caught 15-20 small yellows, blacks, and bonitos as well as four 60 pound class fish on plugs. Later in the afternoon with chum on 60 pound line with 6/0 frenzy hooks the fish were allowing us to handfeed them on the upcurrent side of the rig. We quit around 2 in the afternoon with seven yellowfin in the box. We also had a close encounter with a huge leatherback turtle.


    I had Cliff Hoyubec and his friends in for a sat night overnighter which we had to cancel due to weather so we tried it sunday morning. I couldnt have had a better more enjoyable group of guys to fish with then them. I also couldnt have caught fewer fish unfortunatly. It seems like every rig I went to the fish started biting after I left. Then we had the added problem of dodging thunderstorms all day. Cliff caught a nice bull dolphin on the 2nd bait out and we caught four undersized yellowfin during the day. We had a blast the fish just didnt cooperate.