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Offshore Venice La

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Had two totally opposite trips this weekend. The first one was with Dexter and it went as expected. We started out about 15 miles offshore and the yellowfin were jumping everywhere but being real finicky. We went 1 for 2 on live bait there with 60 pound class fish. Decided to move out another 50 miles to a deepwater floater and see what was going on. It proved to be a sucessful move as we consistently hooked up with yellowfin on chunks of blackfin with 7/0 hooks and 80 pound frenzy flouro. The group had a blast as we landed around 10 yellowfin and a half dozen big blackfin before we called it a night and headed in.


I had Marty Griffith and his friends on the boat the next night and we ran to the same rig as the night before and dirty water had moved in and shut off that bite which put us in a bad position as we were a long ways from anywhere. Decided to point the bow west and see what we could find. We did eventually find some clean water and put one yellowfin in the box along with a decent amount of big blacks that we cut up for chum. Never could get anything going though and after 20 hours on the water we called it a trip with just the one yf in the box. One of the more frustrating trips I have had in a couple of years. Just never could put it together.

On another note my trip for the weekend of the sep 8th just had to cancel out because of a wedding so that whole weekend is open now.
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Eddie: Where does dirty water come from in that area? The River?
I suppose so its the only dirty influence out there.
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