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Offshore Venice La

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Been running a ton of trips off venice with most of them day trips where the average catch is 4-5 nice yellowfin and a couple dolphin. I also had a few night trips in there and everyone of them went into double digits on yellowfin with generally nonstop action until the box was full. The last 2 nights yeilded 16 yellowfin and 14 yellowfin before I got a couple day break. The daytime action has been solid with both live bait and chunk bait. I have been chunking with blackfin tuna at night to get the yellowfin. Most of the fish have been caught on 7/0 frenzy circle hooks with 60-80 pound frenzy flouro

On one trip we almost got a mako but the 300 pound mono parted right under the boat. No swordfishing to report but I hope to break in my new boat tomm night with a sword. Got a 36 palmetto coming in to venice with twin 250 yammys on her. Here are some pics to enjoy.

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Captain Eddie: I wish I had a dollar for every yellowfin you have hung up under that arch.

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