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Offshore Venice La

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I had an overnighter with Heath and his friend Mike as well as Jimmy Campbell. We wanted to start off with some tuna and end up with some swordfish. The tuna cooperated a lot better then the swords did although I do have a sword story. We went out and chunked by a floater and had a steady pick in the afternoon of 50-60 pound yellowfin on chunks of blackfin. We had four fish in teh boat already when we managed to complete a triple header of yellowfin which was a circus as we were going under and around each other the whole time after that chaos we had 7 yellows in the boat. We made one more drift and picked up another tuna before we headed to the sword grounds. I started out at one spot and we had a dead current. I made a little drift there with no luck at all and very little bait up behind the boad. I moved about 8 miles to the east and found a little better current but still no fish. It was turning into a frustrating night as we couldnt find any good drift conditions. I left that spot about 345 in the morning and headed to another place about 15 miles away for a last ditch predawn bite. My deckhand lee was setting the 2nd bait out when he thought the drag wasnt set high enough on the first line so he was trying to stop the jug from going out when we realized the jug was gone and we had our first customer. I came tight on the fish and gave it to Heath who went to work. The fish never took one foot of line and we had the fish to the boat in about five minutes. I had a stick gaff ready to hit a small sword if it looked legal when we got a look at a fish that should have taken over an hour to land. IT was too late to get the harpoon so I stuck the fish with two gaffs, grab the bill with my gloves and held on for the show as the fish was not very happy. After it calmed down we lifted it into the boat and high fived Heath's first sword. It was a 68 inch 170 pound sword that never fought.

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damn eddie your getting so famous the fish aren't even putting up a fight anymore. probably they will just start jumping in your boat so you don't have to waste all that time irgging and setting lines....lol....rick
LOL, let me know when that happens I'll get my ass down to Venice again
Still not sure what happened with that fish. Never pulled one inch of line after I came tight on him.
We had one yellow fin with Captain Eddie that was about 50 pounds. It made a good strong first run, then came up and saw the boat. But it also saw Drifter, who was part of our party, and dropped dead on the spot. Or maybe it read "Tuna Loco" and figured it was as good as dead. In any case, it was the first time I ever saw a fish commit suicide. Tasted great, one way or another.

Way to go Captn Eddie. A great night of fishing as usual.

Still not sure what happened with that fish. Never pulled one inch of line after I came tight on him.
Eddie, as you know, some sword swim up toward surface when hooked. I had a nice swordfish on my jig last year. Suddenly I felt slack line and I felt weight again when I crank fast, then I felt slack again and I crank. The fish was near the surface and the line broke when it charged back to the deep. If the fish had came up a little more, we could have gaffed the fish in record 15 seconds. :)
was swordfishing this year down in Miami. The captain had just told us how cool it was to watch them eat when the tip rod ever so slightly got bumped he instructed us to reel it in slowly as as we reeled it towards the surface and with 10 feet to go the sword appeared behind the bait. We watched him whack the bait twice before eating it right below the waters surface and then he proceeded to dump half an 80w. They get pretty disoriented in the lights though.

Awesome fish, if I could I would fish for them every night the are majestic fish
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