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Offshore Venice LA 12-31

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I had Greg and his friend in from minnesota on monday. They were after tuna but with the tuna bite being off a little we started out with wahoo. Greg got his first wahoo early in the morning. A nice 45 or so pounder on a bass pro imitation marauder. We trolled around the lump with no more hits before we anchored up and just pounded the bonitos. We couldnt get a bait more then 2-3 feet out before a bonito would nail it. We gave up on the chunking and went back to trolling and landed two more nice wahoo on marauders before we called it a day. They had a nice vacation in La. At least they didnt have to shovel any snow.

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that a big AJ!!! you ever tried that "sandball" trick out on the lump to get the bait past the bonito??? just curious.... not questioning your methods, just wondering if it would actually work?
Not with this many bonito literally were thousands of them around the boat.
that's a real donkey of an AJ!
Yup he ate one of the few chunk baits we got past the bonito.
Solid 3s in the blue water pretty nice in the green water.
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