offshore Venice 11-14 Horn Mountain floater

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    We had 20 guys from our TTT 08 charter that got cancelled on the big E. Ron of Bar Bar rods organized the boats and lodging. We divided up among 4 gofast. Our group had 2 that had never caught a YF. Our boat a 31 Cape Horn with Capt. Trey Pique of Voodoo charters. The rest went for the shrimp boats, We elected to go long and it paid off. After several bait stops we had enough baits to head out. Bonus fish was a nice ling. I lost a nice 30lb. bull dorado when he crossed the mooring chain at red can. After reaching the Horn Mountain floater it took all of 2min. for the first hook up . We broke off a few but managed 4 over 100lb. the biggest went to the first timers along with 2 in the 80-90 range. Popping only produced footballs. The shibuki a couple of keeper bf. The afternoon was rain squalls off and on till the sky turned dark and we made the run for the pass. 9 mi. off we spun a hub and limped back at 14knts.
    The other boats that went to the shrimpers had lots of bf but landed no yf. The highlight for them was when they saw the 2' sickle fin charge Capt. Eddies bait next to them producing the 183lber in his post. Sat a.m. brought the front and 40knt. winds so we picked up 35lb. of shrimp to go with the ribeye rolls, potatoes, onion, tuna steaks,grilled ling,sashimi and of course mega cases of beer. The yagermeister came out later.... a good time was had by all.

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    Nice Report there.. glad yall made something happen after the big E cancellations.. Thanks!

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    awesome! sounds like a great trip. Ron had asked me if I wanted to join, but same ol story- no $$$ for trips until next year :(

    Glad to see yall get on a boat after the Big E dumped everyone.
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    I want it to go fishing so bad ,I cant believe all that beer also....

    Friends dont let friends go fishing Sober
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    great report! wish i was there!
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    cool report, especially for the first timers(they are ruined for life, it will never end)!
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    great report! wish i was there!
    x 2 !!
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    Nice report. :)