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Offshore Sabine, TX

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I am relocating to TX from the East coast (with my boat) and looking for some info. on the bluewater fishing south of Sabine Pass/Port Arthur area. How far do you have to go for mahi, blackfin/yellowfin tuna and wahoo? What species can you catch closer to shore (20-40 miles)?

Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to 360 -and to Texas- Jon!

Great info FH!
Plenty of time here in Kuwait to surf the web until I get back to Galveston.
So I have learned that YFT have been sited by divers @ Stetson bank. Report was July of 99

"Over night, we moved approximately 40 miles towards shore to our next site, Stetson Bank."

Dive 5: 76 feet, 34 minutes

This was a much better site. The bottom depth ranged from 60 to 66 feet. There is a wall drop off that plunges to 400 feet. Much different bottom compistion. Large rocky upcroppings hide a larger number of crustaceans (shrip, crab and lobsters). Also, much larger number of big fish (5-6 barracuda, jacks, yellow fin tuna, and a few grouper). A couple of dive pairs encountered a good size tuna.


Great find Kev and thanks for all you and your buddies are doing for us over here!!!

I'd like to read the full report if you could post a link!
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