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i fished on friday 09/01/06 and saturday 09/02/06 onboard the miss aleta. miss aleta is a 32ft century cc owned by karen and kevin holcomb. they were onboard as well as thomas steele, drshark and myself.

the plan was to do an overnighter and try and get the miss aleta bloddy with tuna. kevin and karen have never been hooked to any tuna and wanted to catch them in their boat.

we launched their boat and brought it over the the house and proceeded to load it to the max for our overnighter. needless to say the century was up to the task of holding all our gear and still being able to get on plane. we ending up departing at around noon and with such a late start we decided to head straight for nansen.

we arrived at nansen and joined the fleet in our trolling pattern. after about an hour of washing baits i told everyone to eat something to get the fish turned on. well it seemed to work. within 5 minutes a reel starts to scream and we are hooked up to a nice atlantic sailfish. we strap karen into the rod and reel and she got to fight the sail and did an excellant job of getting the fish to the boat. thomas did the billing and he pulled the sail over the gunnel for a quick photo oppurtunity before it was tagged and revived to fight another day. they were high fives and lots of congradulations. during our 3 hours of trolling that was our only fish. there were about 6 boats trolling the same area and we didn't see any of them hooked up during that time.

as the sun started to set we prepared for a long night of tuna fishing. we started jigging and pulled several blackfins over the gunnels and some were boxed and some cut up for chunks. drshark, thomas and myself were hooking up on the blackfin on a regular basis and after a few hours karen finally got the hang of jigging and started boating a few tuna's on her own. about 11pm kevin got the jigging figured out and was boxing fish. we could have sunk the boat with blackfins but we were in search of some yellowfins. i did box one legal yellowfin on a jig. we decided to try boomvang in our search for the yellowfin bite.

we arrive at boomvang and have the same results as we had at nansen. all the blackfin you could want and no yellowfin of any size. we finish off the night and decide to troll the rigs at daybreak and after no action to speak of we pull baits and head in to fish tequila and sunrise.

arrive at tequila and there is a crowd fishing the area and we put out a spread and pull for a short time before picking up and running to sunrise to find some water that hadn't been fished with as much pressure.

at sunrise we were the only boat so i raised jammer on the radio and told him to get over and hopefully get his charter hooked up on something. we pulled a few barracuda's off the rig and decided to run in and end our adventure. we hit a shower about 20 miles out and that was the only negative about the whole trip. seas were perfect and the company was great. while we didn't slay the yellowfin or get into the a good wahoo bite we did get tuna blood on the miss aleta.

drshark took a great shot of the karen,thomas and the sailfish. hopefully the others will chime in with their perspective of the trip and post a photo or two.

as always thank you texas for the use of your great resource and your wonderful people.......rick
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