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Fished with Coastal Adventures Charters Friday and what a day we had. Left GYB at 5:15am and did not return until 7pm. We made our first stop at about 60 miles out to give everyone a chance to stretch their legs and pull on a few snapper. All the snapper on this spot were small by Eugene's standards (nothing over 6lbs) so we picked up ran further South.

Our next stop put several good snapper in the box and I managed to hook, fight, and then loose a really good Warsaw about 80 feet below the boat. 200lb mono broke with the grouper in sight.

Next spot was not far from this one and we managed some more solid snaps along with a small grouper. We did see a Sail chasing bait and trolled the area for a short while with no luck. We spent the rest of the day doing battle with some monster AJ's. I dont know how many we broke off compared to what we put in the boat but it was quite a few.

We ended up at the Flower Gardens and trolled for awhile picking up one Dorado and one Bonita. The last AJ's in the attached picture we almost lost to a 12 foot hammerhead at the gardens. The AJ was almost to the surface when the line went slack and we thought the fish was gone only to find out the shark had grabbed him and was swimming up with him. We managed to get the AJ in the boat and headed for the house.

We had an awesome time with Capt Eugene and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to book a trip out of Galveston.


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