Offshore Freeport Report 9/24

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    Russ and I made a quick run to the coast this weekend for a little R&R. Had the boat loaded and ready by 7:30 or so and headed out. We decided to make it a short run and only were about 30 miles out when we stopped to fish a wreck. Smallish mangroves and triggers were thick and we boxed a few before we could get down to the snapper. Caught a limit of 3-7 pounders once we could get a sardine down and also caught a couple on the flat line. Hoped for a king or whatever on the flat line but got nothing but the snapper. Trolled dolphin candy on a current rip at 25 miles for a half hour but nada. Really not much for weeds, mostly just floating trash and a color change. Tried drifting the 393 rig hoping for a little something different but came up with more keeper snaps on flat lines that were released. Headed in and stopped at one last spot in state water. Caught a undersized ling and broke off a couple sharks. Picked up three more snapper before the triggers wiped out the remaining bait. Fooled around with some jigs for an hour and the ladyfish couldn't leave them alone. They would pound the jig until they finally would get hooked only to throw them back at you when they jumped. Had the boat and fish cleaned by 5:00 was enjoying a shrimp dinner at the Red Snapper Inn by 6:00. Saw Capt. David Smith was at his boat in Bridge Harbor so stopped and visited with him and his dad for a little while. It was a very enjoyable day on the water with great company and great weather. Bert

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    Great haul good report bighead!

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    Nice report Bert.. glad you and Russ are getting some fishing in...
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    Good going Bert.