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It was once again another interesting past week of offshore fishing. Some of our customers wanted nothing but Tuna and some wanted anything but Tuna. This gave us catches of a variety of fish throughout the week. The weather was about as good as it gets most days we fished except for last Thurs. when we were hit with a lot more wind than forecasted once we were a long way offshore. The tuna fishing has been good but it all comes down to right time...right place which is nothing new. Some days 10 miles will make the difference as will the correct size or type of bait. For the most part they are here and I expect the tuna fishing to get better as we move into September and October. Right now the tuna are averaging 60-100lbs. and if you get lucky you may get one 100+. A lot of variety is what we had the past few days. The week started out with Capt. Josh Bodenheimer and his crew catching a nice blue marlin, and the rest of the week included catches of tuna, amberjack, grouper (scamp and gag), and triple-tail, which is a lot of fun to catch. Capt. Bob K. had the Ryan Finnin group out yesterday and finished their day with a limit of Amberjack and went 3 for 5 on yellowfin tuna. The fishing is very good right now and we've got boats available to fish including this Sat. and Sun. but also throughout Sept. and Oct. The fall fishing is tough to beat if you like catching tuna and wahoo.

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