Offshore fishing in Myrtle Beach, SC

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    I'm looking for some good leads for a 6 pack offshore trip for tuna/marlin/dolphin/wahoo in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the last week in June/ begining of July and I'm willing to travel up to 1/2 to 1 hour north or south and the boats name and number and web site if possible. Thanks for any help you are willing to give me.

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    The further north you go the deeper the water is closer to land. Something to consider>Spend time in a car driving or paying for a long boat ride. I've been out on Capt. Dick's out of murrell inlet, had fun bottom fishing(headboat), but I know they have some 6-pack boats there as well.Try search for capt. dick's

    I recommend you try to at least get to the Wilmington N.C. area

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    I would start at Ocean Isle and work up towards Wilmington. The Ocean Isle fishing center, Yeah Right charters in Oak Island, and this is just two that are very good. I'm going out on Yea Right on Saturday if weather allows. Sea Draggin on this site knows more about this than I do, so you may want to contact him. Lots of good charter guys north, don't know to much about south of MB. Hope this helps good luck and tight lines.
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    That 44 sounds nice. This Saturday I am doing a jigging trip with Butch Foster on the Yeah Right out of Southport. Here is his site

    My target species will be yellowfins, but it might be shot in the dark, based on what we have seen over the past few years.

    As a fallback, he has 50 years worth of grouper numbers.
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    I believe Capt Larry and Bobby who originated from NY run a charter out of Myrtle Beach. They are known as top notch bottom fishermen. I'll try to get their number.
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    Thanks for the info guys tight lines
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    run a 44 ft striker in Calabash, NC Voyager charters

    Deep Sea Fishing in Myrtle Beach, Little River and Southern North Carolina fishing charters we specialize in tuna and wahoo
    Call Capt Larry and tell him u want to go with Capt Scott Wigal

    we do 12-13 hr gulfstream blue water trips