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Good day ladies and gents, I just got back from Venice over the weekend and it was business as usual. I ran an inshore trip saturday with jerry lyle and his buddy george from Georgia. These guys were a hoot! At the start of the trip they said redfish. So redfish it was. The river is still muddy so the trout haven't gone off yet. We picked around a couple of spots and then found them. Live bait was the ticket. When we hit the 40 mark they said done. They packed away their ten redfish and headed to Georgia. Something i saw down river that was very encouraging, was the amount of mullet. They were everywhere. That should mean a strong migration offshore very soon and the tuna will be waiting. I have several days open in October and this weekend is open and its got offshore written all over the forecast. Hwy 23 is open all the way down and all rest. and marina's are open. Give me a buzz if you would like to make a trip. P.S. good talking to ya mr. red.
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