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    So we started this thread on one of my paintball and softball forums I was envolved with,and suprisingly it was very benificial. It gave everyone a chance to know what everyone did incase they were in search of someone in their field of work. Kinda like a BIN group. Anyways,I'll start it off,and mods forgive me if this is the wrong spot for this...

    I myself am located in Austin,Texas. I am in Digital Printing. Can find my companies info at www.4dprinting.com. We deal solely with paper goods,but if you are in need of any kind of printing we can steer you to a cheap quality place for other needs. Thanks.
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    Manager of daily operations... industrial sales company for roller chains, bearings, and cables- to the forest products industry and petroleum industry.... Need some chain??? lol.

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    Actually,where are you located Skeeter?I have a good friend with a construction company.
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    Dallas- but the chain you are thinking about is probably the link style chain (like anchor chain). We sell the roller chain (like whats on a bicycle - plate on each side with 2 rollers in the middle that ride on sprockets)
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    ah,ok,gotcha. Ya,don't know anyone in that line.
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    As McGolfer would say: "Just another friggin attorney"
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    I live in Austin and am the problem management coordinator (whatever the hell that is) for a large national IT center for the VA. For years I managed a database support group and in a prior life before that, I practiced law along with folks like Scott until I got tired of the life, damned near drank myself to death, and worried about a heart attack. Now I drive through Austin in a GMC pickup, honking my horn furiously, giving Jason the finger at intersections, and trying to run him off the road before he runs me off. Great city. I moved here when it had 160,000 people. Now it's putting Houston to shame. Also, I won't inject politics into this board, but let's just say Austin and I have parted ways, and while I support the rule of the majority in a democracy, it's hard to watch it in action when it goes agin ya. Planning to retire and move to Rockport in 2 years, do a huge amount of bay fishing, and learn enough about offshore fishing to put all of you to shame 2 or 3 times a year. OK, strike that last. It was irrelevant, immaterial and has as much chance of happening as my winning the lottery. Oh, and while some of my best friends are Okies and Aggies, I have to say "Hook 'em!" :)

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    i own a couple of mc donald's restaurants. so i clean toilets, mop floors, fix equipment, handle customer complaints, and every once in a while i get to go fish if i am not buying tackle that day.....rick
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    I'm a pharmacist....TAKE A PILL !!!
    and...I raise Beefmaster cattle.
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    Hey Jason my son is big time into paintball. He recently made news by pulling off a five on one aginst one of the best tournament teams in California.

    Would this have happen to be at World Cup? I was supposed to go play but a big job came up and was unable to take time,and what do you know,team I was going to play with took their div. lol oh well,always next year.

    And about Houston vs Austin,no where close. I had an 85 year old lady tailgating me and shoot me the finger in Houston for going to slow last weekend,and I was going 80! Houston drivers should have their own stock car circuit haha
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    I am computer dude, i fix comp/network problems
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    I Buy/Sell/Restore vintage musclecars in my garage, N of Dallas. pay sucks
    but the fringe benefits are beyond cool.
    Maybe someday I'll make enough to buy a boat of my own.
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    I repair semiconductor manufacturing equipment for Texas Instruments. I'm currenty working on the DLP technology found in many HD TV's and projectors. Take a look at http://www.itsthemirrors.com/ to see what we're building. Bert
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    I'm a VP-Sales for an int'l wholesale home-furnishings company selling high-end fabric and furniture to interior designers, architects, manufacturers for residential and commercial apps.

    Sort of fluked into the industry about 20 years ago and stuck with it.
  18. Deep_Sea_Gull

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    Production graphic artist... I fix the designer's screw-ups
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    I lead a dogs life...Eat when I'm hungry, sleep when tired and play when I can.

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    I am an assistant principal, former biology teacher and social worker. I can square the young ens away if you have some roudy kids.