Nov/Dec Tuna??

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  1. How is the late Nov/early Dec tuna bite off Texas coast? I want to try to get in a tuna trip this fall but looks like late Nov will be my earliest chance. I have never been that late in the year and was wondering how the fishing usually compares with the Sept./Oct time frame???

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    The biggest problem is weather. The northers start coming down and there are strong winds from the north, then a good day or two, then strong southwinds before the approach of another northern. The tuna are there but weather is a problem. But then again when is weather not a problem offshore in the gulf?

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    How is the late Nov/early Dec tuna bite off Texas coast? I want to try to get in a tuna trip this fall but looks like late Nov will be my earliest chance. I have never been that late in the year and was wondering how the fishing usually compares with the Sept./Oct time frame???

    Phantom Fisherman
    if u go on the dolphin or pesca, virtually nothing will prevent them from going although sometimes it can take 14 or 15hrs to the floaters....i went on a 60hr on the LP on november 30 last year, weather coulda been worse, but fishable for a 80foot hog the pesca grandpa and i caught all the blackfin we could and both 60-70 yfs. it was still hot, and boy can it be no fun with that head sea and 20knot wind straight into the sun back out to the floater after deep dropping in aj territory all day.,

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    Late fall is one of my favorite times to fish party boats in the gulf.
    Take a break for Jan to mid Feb then back at it. (well before the J-O-B screwed that)

    From the last week ends in Nov to mid Dec the Big E has long trips for 4 of the
    5 weekends open with the one off weekend on the schedule being a charter long trip arranged through TOO.
    So yes this is tuna time.

    Last fall the PA boats were on tuna Big Time down south at the same time.

    The Gulf Eagle would slip a day to miss the weather and make a run out to fish.
    The G. E. is a good option to watch the bite, catch a weather break and jump
    on for a tuna trip. I'm thinking 10-12 guys and it's a go. But if it's a 36 hour
    weather window to fish the price is the same as 52. Which I understand as the expense to the boat is more for the run to and from.

    On the other hand UE hates to cancel but they seem to look at the weather for the whole trip and have, won't change a 2 night trip to a 1 night trip
    to miss a weather cycle. Which I understand completly with the amount
    of clients effected. In their case it needs to be go or no go.

    If I had to choose a tuna party trip to book with a choice of Easter, 4th july
    or Thanksgiving. It would be around Thx-giving which I am booked to go already.

    Disclaimer....just my $0.02 :)

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    The biggest tuna of the year are out there in the winter. It is just a matter of hitting the window.
  6. Thanks guys,

    I may try to get on the Thanksgivign weekend Big E trip. Won't know if I can for a few weeks. I for sure won't do the Dolphin or La Pesca until there is a change of captians and some boat maint. The Gulf Eagle is a possibility but as was pointed out it is now about the same price as the Big E. I sure do need to get out after some tuna.

    Phantom Fisherman
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    In 2005 went on La Pesca day after Thanksgiving. The seas were rough with 12-14 ft swells but deem safe for boat to go out, and DDocks refused to refund any money. Needless to say it was a lousy miserable trip, I had 8 BFT to show for a 60hr trip.

    A year later, week before Christmas, what was originally schedule for 40hr bottom fish trip turned in to a 40hr Tuna trip out to deep rigs. The water was so flat Capt Ken ask us 11 anglers if we wanted some fresh tuna steaks for Christmas, naturally we said yes and off we went. It was a great trip with copious tuna caught.

    It's a hit and miss during Nov/Dec time frame. But it's also my favorite time to
    fish offshore. I have become so spoiled that I dont' fish for tuna with more than 12 anglers on board anymore. The Pelican and Gulf Eagle are excellent tuna boats.
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    I'm wanting to make one of these trips in a bad way. I have the week before Thanksgiving off and really want to go then,but it is somewhat flexible. If you had to choose between buying a jigging setup or a 80# rig for your first long range trip which would it be? What reel would you chose for each technique? I am trying to decide on my first outfit for long range fishing.
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    i would say dont bother with the gulf eagle or the pesca unless no one lese is getting bites. the boats arent very nice, they're slow, the fishing time on the trips is much shorter and theyll make you pay a bigger fuel surchagre so cost-wise it's not that much more.

    you'd be much happier on the big e, but i would be anyway.
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    i'd go with the jigging outfit first, but it also depends on what type of fishing your going to do more of. you can rent or borrow a 80 # fishing rig. But having you own is better. you never know how old the line is on a rented one or if it will have all the eyes one the rod.

    I'm still new at it so i'll let the experts take over the advice giving.
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    There have been a number of posts about what to bring on a tuna trip. The vast majority of YF are caught either chunking or popping, very few jigging. You can do your bottom fishing with the rig you use for chunking. So, 3 outfits. Myself, I just love jigging and am trying to improve my jigging game. I jig for bottom fishing and for tuna but I'll have rigs for everything.

    When you finally schedule a trip, post up and see if any other members are going. I for one would bring an extra rod or two (or 10) if somebody needed something.
    For your first rig, that's your decision. I'd get one that wasn't a compromise trying to do it all unless you believe that'll be the only one you'll ever get.
    Again, most of the YF are caught on the chunk or popping during a bite on top.

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    I've always done very well in both Oct. and Nov.
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    Decisions,decisions I want to buy a Penn 16 vsx or 30 vsx,but I want to go fishing THIS year:D I don't think I can swing both,but I'm gonna put in for OT at work. Damn why can't I be rich instead of good looking!:)