Not fish or cell phone related.

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    Not really fish related.
    But all current post's on the forum
    were Cell phone adds and figured we could use a subject
    change and I did not have any photos for the Red Neck thread.

    1st picture is a bay on the north end of the Arabian Gulf.
    I ask the locals if the flounder were running yet.
    I didn't get a clear answer.

    2nd picture not sure what this was, I figured I was close enough.
    Diesel fuel truck I think.

    I put my game cam up at the lease (Victoria) in June and have not
    checked yet. Most likley have picks of baby WT and Hogs.
    I normally start taking hogs with the Bow in Sep and save my Buck tag
    for one of my boy's during rifle season if the right WT shows.
    Last year called in a Bob cat (male) from 90 yds to 30 yds just by squeaking
    like a mouse. Took about 20 mins to get him to come in. Luck played a small part I think as with most game I've taken with a Bow.

    Anyway I figure If I wanted to sell phones on 360's page I would ask how to advertise.

    I know I got a small box of jigs, poppers ect at home for me to open (ordered)
    from 360 when I get back next week.


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    what are you doing over there, are you in the armed forces? Interesting pictures.