Not another Penn 850ss question

Discussion in 'Reels' started by Gozz, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Gozz

    Gozz Senior Member

    "BUT" we have a tackle store near our house which is selling the 750-850 and 950ss for $119.
    Just wandering how good the 850ss is for the bigger tuna using 50pnd braid.(strong enough)
    I still plan on buying a 18000 saragosa but at $119 it sounds to good to pass up.
    What do you reckon guys.
  2. BretABaker

    BretABaker Guest

    you're going to buy a $300 saragosa and $120 penn which is $ can get a stella for not much more. That'd be my advice :)

  3. papio

    papio Senior Member

    I would pass on those Penns and see if you can find better deal as I got my 8500 & 9500 at 50% off. (special deal Air Force promoted) But that was then and long gone.

    I've since pass the reels to others as they're not ideal for jigging, IMO. They're good reels for other applications.
  4. Gozz

    Gozz Senior Member

    Thanks for your reply's boys.
    I was thinking of mainly using it for bait fishing for sharks and trawling for tuna.
    You reckon it will be ok for this.
  5. BretABaker

    BretABaker Guest

    is there a reason you want a spinning reel for those applications?
  6. Muddskipper

    Muddskipper Senior Member

    The new Penn from China have gotten really bad reports....beware
  7. Deep_Sea_Gull

    Deep_Sea_Gull Lifetime Supporting Members

    If you decide to go with the china Penns, the 950ss is the better choice. Larger drag and gears.

    I agree with the above comments...
  8. Gozz

    Gozz Senior Member

    I couldn't help my self fellers.
    My friend went to the shop today and bought 2 850SSm reels and got one for me to.(chines made model).
    I know I shouldn't have wasted my money but I'm hopeless when it comes to cheap deals.
    We got them for $107 each which I thought was very cheap as they are going for $250 in some stores.
    Deep sea gull you mentioned that the 950ss would be the pick of the bunch with it's bigger gears and drag,I was trying to avoid the 950 as it's so big and heavy 1064grams apposed to 756grams of the 850.
    Is it worth changing the reel to a 950.
    Will the 850 handle tuna to 40-50kg.
    The other thing is the reels comes with the HT100 drag,is this a good drag or should I get an upgrade,if yes what is the best drag to go for.
    Thanks for all your help guy's you've been awesome.
  9. workin

    workin Member


    As a long-time Penn user, I guess I can chime in with an opinion. I have three 950ss's now, all were purchased within the last twelve months. I have several older ones as well as a bunch of Penn's conventional stuff.

    I've been reasonably happy with the Penn spinners in general. The older ones have held up well, and I've put them through a lot.

    The 950's so far have acquitted themselves ok. Numerous decent size jacks, groupers, lots of blackfin, some smallish yellowfin, and one 100-ish lb yellowfin. On the big yellowfin, the reel moaned and groaned during the fight, but it still works.

    Regarding the drag, I use 80 lb braid because I'm too clumsy to tie anything smaller in a decent knot. As such, I've pushed the drag as far as it will go. Accordingly, I think the drag is ok, but I suggest not pushing it up too high. Set it a little lower, and cup the spool when you want moe. I say this because I think the drag starts to get erratic when it's turned up high, so on the initial big run the fish makes, I wouldn't put too much heat on it. I haven't put a scale on it or anything like that, but I'd guess it works well to 20 lb or maybe a little more. I see posts regarding drag modifications, and need to investigate a little, I suppose.

    Long story short, I think the 950's hold up ok and are worth the money, though they're not super smooth or all that nice to work with. The more coveted reels are definitely better, but it's debatable that they're 3 or 4 times better. For me, Stellas are awesome but too expensive. When I sell my 1000th SnapperSaver I guess I'll treat myself to a Stella.


  10. jig

    jig Senior Member

    We got them for $107 each which I thought was very cheap as they are going for $250 in some stores.

    Not sure where you are shopping but the 850ss is around $130 online everywhere, and you can get them every day for under $100 on ebay. I truly am not trying to rain on your parade, but you paid about what they are worth. So if you only bought it because you thought you were getting a great deal, I would return it if I could. But at least you did not get screwed either.

    In that price range, the best reel IMO is the Spheros 14000FA, with upgraded carbotex drag (if you can find one).
  11. txseadog

    txseadog Moderator

    Will the 850 handle tuna to 40-50kg.

    Yes. I used a 850SS (2 generations old) for years and it work reasonably well, however, I got tired of rebuilding after every 2 or 3 trips and bought a Stella. The good news (at least on the older, USA made reel) is the parts were cheap and widely available.
  12. Gozz

    Gozz Senior Member

    Ok you talked me out of it.
    I sold the reel to a friends friend today.
    I'm going to buy a saragosa from the states and my friends sister will bring it back for me next month when she comes to visit here so I'll save about $50 shipping to Australia and about $200 of the total price as they are going for $499 for the 18000.
  13. canyondiver

    canyondiver Guest

    Take the drag cover off the underside of the spool and grease the carbon (HT-100) with Cal's or Shimano drag grease. It makes it a lot smoother and the drag will work when the reel gets wet too!!
  14. Gozz

    Gozz Senior Member

    Thanks for the tip canyondiver.
    I sold my reel but my friend bought 2 x 850ssm.
    I'll let him know.
    I should be getting my 18000 saragosa soon,cant wait.