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Got an invite Monday from my Good Buddy Gregg to chase Longfin out of Fort Bragg Wednesday.

Glad work cooperated.

Met him and Mike at the hotel Tuesday, devised a game plan and hit the rack.

Stayed at the Surf Hotel and was amazed at how many boats were in the parking lot. Seems the word got out.

Splashed out of Noyo and was on the water before the sun came up.

Approx 10 miles off the Noyo Harbor Bridge we started seeing Tuna Temp water, but we pushed on further east at least another 12 miles and set our spread.

What seemed like two hours and one nasty 8 rod tangle later we started hearing chatter on the radio that they were inside of us so we pulled up and headed inside.

Once our spread was out and up to speed we had our first customer on the Shotgun some 150 yards behind us. Nothing to brag about but it was a nice mid-grade Albacore and the skunk was off the boat and we were on the board.

Picked up a single here and there after that, nothing wide open though.

Our buddy boat piloted by Capt. Jack said put a bird in the spread because he was getting picked up. Luckily Gregg had some onboard and after some rapid crimping by yours truly we had three in the spread.

All hell broke loose after that.

Gregg, at the helm, saw a boil off our starboard bow about a hundred yards out. Like a pro he guided the boat away from the boil and turned hard to place our spread where the action was.

Six reels started screaming all at once and they all went in different directions creating the Mother of All Tangles. Mike and I did our best to control the chaos, but we needed Gregg to stop the boat and give us a hand. Twenty minutes later we had all the tangles out, rods without fish stored, and managed to boat 5 of 6. After high fives all around we reset and were at it again.

Chatter on the radio had reports of Bluefin, Yellowfin, Big Eye, and Dorado coming over the rails in numbers. Didn’t see them but radio reports of two BF & YF cows were heard and a few Big Eye the 100-130 class.

One boat must have really got into the Dorado because they were asking if anyone wanted to trade Albacore for Dorado.

We had 10 in the box and decided to start working back to the harbor when we picked up another double.

What seemed like an hour later Gregg said lets try Halco’s because we were still in “Tuna Water” but well within sight of the Noyo Bridge and Highway 1. As he was pulling the Halco’s out we scored a triple.

Boat wasn’t quite plugged but the 160 pounds of ice wasn’t enough to ethically keep what was in the boat chilled, so we pulled the plug and left them biting. 15 total solid 20 pound class fish. I think the best one was 25-28 pounds.

Seemed everyone back at the landing had similar days, some better-some worse.

Heard the Intrepid of San Diego long range fame was fishing the waters further out till Monday. Never heard a San Diego boat this far north.

Can’t wait till next time.
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