Nj tuna trip...Help me fill er out.

Discussion in 'Boat Pooling' started by turfman, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. turfman

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    Got a cancellation date on the MIMI VI on the 17th and 18th of Aug. The boat is in Point Pleasant Beach Nj and can be found here http://www.mimivi.com/ Capt Ken is one of the most respected tuna captains in Nj and I'm very fortunate to be on his good list for cancellations. I have 2 other trips booked with him so my regular fishing guys are slim right now. The boat can take 12 but I'd like to only have ten if possible. Our most honourable member of this board, Kil Song has fished with Ken and can fill you in on his credentials. If he would be so gracious. I have fished exclusivley with MIMI VI and the Canyon Runner for over 10 years.

    Cost is $400 per person + tip I'll take care of the difference if we don't have 10..

    pm me if any interest.

  2. Sea Bear

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    I would like to also back Capt. Kenny and the Mimi. Capt. Kenny is as good as they come. You won't be disappointed.

  3. paul708

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    i always ran a togging trip on the mimi. for the noreast.
    good boat, and capt
  4. turfman

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    How bout $300+tip.. can"t get a 32 hr trip for that low anywhere else.
  5. BretABaker

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    looks like a good trip - canyons or bluefin?
  6. turfman

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    Leave dock at 8am. Head towards desired canyons; probably start the troll around 11 or 12. troll till 4 or 5 depending on where we're going. If the troll is no good; I'd like to set up real early and maybe pick up a few tile. Then set up the chunk for the night. Leave first light, hit the bluefin lumps on the way back and return to port by 3pm tues. We can do anything the democracy wants as far as I'm concerned, I really don't care as long as we have fun and catch some fish. All I know is that I have Myself and my girlfirend booked so far; and if thats all that goes.. So be it; but I 'm guessing I'll be able to get at least 4 or 5 others.

    I've been doing this trip for some years now and we have always done good.
    Capt Kenny is always flexible and as long as a request isn't really off the wall, he usually accomidates. I went with him 4 times last year and when no one was getting anything in the canyons last year.. Capt. Kenny always came through and bailed some other boats out in the process. We've been fortunate in the last few years as we always seem to get a sword or two on this early of a trip. Capt Ken also put new wheels on the boat last year so it cruises around 21 knots which gets us out there fairly fast and not killed by fumes.

    So: fishing hopefully for. Big Eye, Yellowfin, Albacore, Bluefin, Mahi, Golden Tile, and Swordfish.. All for $300+tip..

    Again: I had 6 guys back out on me wether from the economy or the fact that 3 times fishing with me offshore a year is enough...

    You can't beat a 32hr trip with a proven Captain for $300.
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    That does sound like a good deal.
    You mention trolling... will jigging also be part of the trip? And for Tile what setup would I need for that?

  8. turfman

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    I pretty much only jig ( and If they don't bite a jig I turn to the adult beverages). Trolling realistically just slows the boat down enough so we can drop for jigging or some swim baits. On all the trips I go on I try to take the last position on the rod for the troll. Usually if someone gets one on the troll I get one on jigs. Last year in the canyons was rough. On one particular trip out there we had ok trip and brought home 19 fish for 8 anglers. Out of the 19 I caught 11 and everyone of them on a jig.

    For tile I use my heavier jig stick wich is a calstar 700xxh with an everol 12/20. Has like 400yds pe8 on it. Always worked fore me. Don't need anything special for tiles.
  9. turfman

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    Well. That was quick. I Have only 1 spot left to make 10, but the boat holds 12. If anyone needs to get on a boat this would be the time to speak up.