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Next North Texas Bluewater Get together

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In know Bret and Rick are going to costa rica this weekend, but when is the next North texas Party/ Fish Fry. I know Pope wanted to do something. I have some of the ENDANGERED red snapper to fry up for the cause, or other seacreatures to donate(ling, wahoo, redfish, tuna).
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I am thinking the one weekend in March. I want things to warm up a little.
How does the date of 3/25 sound to everyone? Similar format as before, but taxis for those who get out of hand. Keith! I will be kayaking PINS the weekend before and hope to bring a few filets home, but I think the sand bass run will provide plenty of fish. Minnow has to pay a toll with Soto!
March 25 sounds good to me.. thats a sunday isnt it.
WOE NELLY, it sure is. Let's say the 24th. Good luck in Costa Rica. Keep an eye on Rick.
that sounds like a good weekend to me, i will be there.
Any weekend sounds good. I will be going in march, just not sure of the date.
Pope, I take it you are driving south before putting the yak in? If fishing for trout, the yak would hinder you more than help but the yak would sure make it easy to paddle out some big baits. The trout should be very thick in the second gut. I have heard good reports recently of large numbers of trout coming about 30 miles south. I cant wait to get down and start hammering the trout and if calm enough, get offshore for a day or two. I will have my new boat by the 24th, sounds good to me.

Good luck
I will be doing little in the way of fishing. I am going to paddle from the Port Mansfield harbor to somewhere up the beach for a pull out. I will camp on the beach one night. I am flying to Harlingen and then flying home from Corpus. The goal is to get as far as possible. I will return to the spot we are picked up and continue to Corpus two weekd later. I am going to paddle all the way to the Lousisiana state line by the end of the summer, fishing along the way, but mainly paddling. I will fish more in the summer when I have more than weekends to spare.
I am glad you will be making it over. I look forward to having you and yours again.
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