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Discussion in 'Announcement & News' started by Deep_Sea_Gull, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. Deep_Sea_Gull

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    I got an email notice that I had purchased a computer from newegg via my credit card. It had an attachment that the email claimed to be an Abobe Acrobat file.
    Well filename.PDF.EXE ain't getting opened in my house.
    I ain't got no credit card. LOL
    I did not place an order for ANY pc....

    I opened a new window in my browser and typed in the web address for the "seller". I looked up their customer service number and gave them a call and explained my email.

    I was told that many had recieved this email and that it was bogus.

    I did some research and found this....

    It is a torjan horse...
    So, you folks beware. Handle things smartly.
  2. Jason_L

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    Thanks for the heads up Deep,ya rule of thumb,never click anything ending in exe. You know if you run outlook and have mcafee i will delete the e-mail for you.Had to put it in on my fathers system,he is not so internet savvy :)

  3. Uncle Russ

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    Jason: Better tell Louis. He isn't either. :)
  4. Jason_L

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    haha,ya thought yall might know each other.He said from your handle it prob was you. If you ask him,he knows about EVERYTHING and can give a nice lecture on it ;)
  5. Ragman

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    Thanks for the heads-up warning Tony!!!
  6. Dr Jeff

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    I just bought a buddy an IM8 flounder rod for Christmas, then I get an eMail saying my PayPal password has been changed! BS. go to MY eBAY & see if you have a message,if not, you're being scammed.these crooks,mostly overseas are making it pretty scaring to do business online.they charged $7,000 0f stuff on PayPal & even changed my eMail address.What at mess to straighten out.
  7. Gunsmoke

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    I got a good screwing last year from two different credit cards. I rarely use credit cards to pay for something over the phone. But, when you need it fast you have no choice. I gave my credit card number over the phone to order some parts for a machine.

    Two weeks later, the credit card CO let some AH charge 14,000.00 worth of rugby shirts on that card. I didn't find out until I got my statement in the mail. It was easy for them to trace since I had only used the card twice in the last year. Turns out the guy I placed the parts order with was the crook. He sold the info to some other bum. After two months the credit card company finally gave me a 14K credit on the card.

    Then about a month later, I open a statement from another credit card and find a charge of 16,000.00 worth of custom embroidery T-shirts and caps. One would think that the credit card company would call me to verify such a strange purchase. The T-shirts were even shipped to an address in a foreign country. Once again, I hadn't used this card but twice in a years period. The credit card company told me not to worry they would take care of it. I had a zero balance on the card before the scam. Their computer kept sending me late notices with interest on the 16K for next few months.

    Every time I called them up about the matter, they told me not to worry. I was banned from calling them the third time because of my "threatening voice and language." I finally had to bring in my attorney to settle the mess.
    If finally got cleared up, but it cost me 880 bucks in attorney fees.