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Hi all,

Thanks for having me in the group. I have fished for Tuna several times on the UK boats that are part of the CHART programme out here. The BFT are really running well around the UK again now and multiple fish per year are caught, tagged and returned. Including some really big fish close to 10000lb's

I have only caught one small Tuna, around 125lb, in my life, and my dream is to fish poppers for them, something that is illegal over here at the moment and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

I am travelling to Kenya in February to fish for Sailfish, Marlin etc but will also be spending some daya YFT and GT fishing I hope 馃槉 I've been buying tackle and lures etc for the trip for the last year..

One trip I would love to make one day is to fish for those huge striped Bass out in the US... Is it possible to time it for good Striper and Tuna fishing in the one trip? Any help and advice on locations for this trip, guides etc would be much appreciated.

Tight lines ya'll, Matt.
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