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Discussion in 'Fish Species and Techniques' started by Grunt, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Grunt

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    I'm new here and looking for help with a set up for mostly pier fishing but in a saltwater river and some pier fishing in the ocean. Something that can bring in 4-6 foot sharks. Blacktip, tiger (unlikely), sharpnose. And can handle cobia maybe 60lb?

    Looking for a rod and reel, and what kind of line i should put on those. I'm not looking to spend too much, maybe 200 total for rod and reel if thats possible.

    Any advice would be appreciated
  2. bigscrnman

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    My first set up was a Penn 4/0 on a 50-80# ugly stick. Killed a lot of fish with it on everything from the pier to party boats. I would search ebay for the reel and check academy for the rod. If I remember right I think I paid about $80 or so for the rod. You should be able to find a "gently used" senator for ~$100