New Zealand Jigging Report

Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Ragman, Jun 7, 2006.

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    Three Kings Island, NZ is truely jig fisherman's paradise if weather cooperate.
    It is unbelievable 40-80 lbs yellowtail (kingie) are willing to take your jigs and if you want to jig some huge giant seabass/hapuka (kind of grouper), you just run only a few miles for deeper water. The area is also world renowned fishing ground for biggest kind striped marline and broadbill swordfish averaging 300-600 lbs ! But there are only dozen sportfishing boats at most even in the prime season !
    I am going back next April on the Cascade with 6 other fishermen. Basil is joining the trip. If weather is good enough, we are going to fish swordfish everynight in addition to extensive daytime jigging.
    Randy of Anglers-proshop also chartered the Oracle, which is owned by the same owner of the Cascade. The Oracle is bigger boat and I believe Randy takes 10 guys on the boat. We might fish alongside except for swordfishing at night.