New Tuna Spot coming south of Ursa

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    There will be a new type of spar - the ATP Titan - which will be towed out and moored about 8 miles south of Ursa sometime this summer! In 2007, due to lack of nearby accessible infrastructure near ATP's Telemark Hub project, ATP decided to utilize a self contained floating drilling and production triple-column spar structure. This is the first hull configuration of this kind. This versatile deepwater operating concept, comprised of three columns linked by pontoons, offers higher variable load capacity and enhanced stability over traditional single-hulled spars.

    Enclosed is a shot of the new rig.

    Also enclosed is a shot of its location in a navigation format that Hilton's is launching soon! The boat's location is on the temp break from a user-customized sea temp image taken this morning, navigating a route in simulator mode. Details to follow...

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    all that stuff is south of Venice right? looks like a fun time :)

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    Yeah, Mars, Ursa, and Jim Thompson are almost due south of main pass. It'll be nice to have another rig in that area to spread out the crowd in that area on calm summer nights. When those rigs are on their hard to beat.

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    Welcome to the site!! I love this kind of info., and I know there are some new spar rigs arrive in the near future offshore in Texas too!
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    Thanks for posting Tom!!