New to rigging heavy gear

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  1. Gup

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    Cape Cod BFT fishin (hopefully small guys :) )
    Last week we got beat up plugging to several blow ups.... all gear problems , we’ll not all gear,,, amateur chit show... :)

    20k Gosa, MightyFish 7’6 MH 65-100 braid, 1-4oz. G18, 80# JB hollow core, 80# YoZory flouro leader..

    I gave up on a VanStal jig/spin 325gm with wind on leader... I could spit further ! (Rod May be for sale)

    TMI I know,,, like to think this setup will keep me in the game if the wind ever lays down... :-(

    lookin for remarks on my gear and terminal gear to be attached to various stickbaits....

    thanks for lookin...

    7BF9B958-609C-4878-B093-C7D6E429AF5D.jpeg C405B5AC-3F12-4BB0-ABEB-9C4D15FE0F3E.jpeg CB5C424D-4E65-44D0-B787-05ECD04A8AA1.jpeg
  2. scubaarchery

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    I have tried a bunch of rods. My favorite was a Racepoint 200 with a 20K Stella and 80lb JB Hollow. I felt like I got a few extra yards with that rod. I think that lighter line with high tensile strength will cast further. I used wind on leaders into a ball bearing swivel with a split ring.

  3. Kim

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    Can you clarify that a bit, as I understood that, you were saying the VS spin/jig rod didn't cast well. If it was the 5'8" and the 7' rod are both designed and built for the purpose of jigging a lure within rod specifications, so each of them would perform poorly if used as popping or stick bait rods so it's no wonder that you could probably spit farther.
  4. redgarvey

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    Pic#1 What is this a 3 inch serving or a knot? You bump Yozuri fluoro into 80#JB HC ?
    Braid end to fluoro, Can not have serving/whipping end over onto the fluoro/mono.
    Serving/whipping stays all on the braid side, ends 3-4mm before braid end.

    Pic#2 What is up with the crimped swivel? You don't know how to tie a knot?

    80# JB HC make a end loop, get a BHP 100# wind-on leader or make your own wind-on, connect via caws paw loop to loop
    80# JB HC with end loop, to twisty leader, figure eight to 150#-200# bite leader, your knot to swivel

    Pic#3 Is that nice serving station on your boat?
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  5. Kim

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    red mentioned the swivel so I have a thought on that as well and included a link for a video to address that. Personally I would never use a crimp on an #80 leader terminal rigging. When I do use crimps I follow the guidelines that you see in the video except I add an extra step. After properly crimping, I leave about 3/8 - 1/2 inch tag end coming out of the crimp and use a lighter to get a good mushroom on it. That will keep the tag end from pulling through under a prolonged fight with big fish.

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  6. scubaarchery

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    I use a cinch knot for heavy line. I would use a uni knot but it’s hard for me to tie at 2:00 am
  7. throwingtimber

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    You’ll get em Gup! Keep on em.

    The vs jig rod is a “they’re under the boat rod.” Best it’ll manage is a half hearted lob. Unsure about the mighty fish rod, what blank is it built on?

    Try using windons from bhp tackle. He makes outstanding windons and his customer service A#1. One less thing to worry about on your end.

    I like simple: palomar->spro(2) 230# swivel -> owner hyper ring split ring (9-11) depending on your preference.
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  8. lite-liner

    lite-liner troll enforcement Staff Member

    X2 on the casting wind-ons by Basil, total custom-made
    to your specs, great value.
    when it comes to mono/flouro leader bigger than 100#, I will
    run a double-barrel crimp around a metal grommet-ring, then a
    200# split ring to the lure.
    Don't know if grommet-rings are made anymore, but if you can find them, they are a problem-solver for sure
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  9. explorer

    explorer Member

    hard to find. I managed to find one contact in Singapore and one in Canada that carries them but not too much in stock if you looking to buy lots
  10. mythosbeer

    mythosbeer Senior Member

    Not specifically for cape cod, but try to keep it simple. Learn a couple knots well and use them. Use a knot to the swivel. No need for a crimp, IMO. Also, I agree with the others regarding the windons. If you have hollow core braid on the reels, make an end loop and just use a windon. I make my own now but basil makes great ones and you should use those to start. Make sure the cats paw sits right, again, learn a couple things well and use them and then expand.

    My experience is in NC, which I think is harder on tackle than what I expect in cape cod, simply because the fish use the greater current and depth to their advantage. I just don’t think crimps are necessary if you learn to tie a couple good knots correctly. Learn a good tight knit and a good loop knot and you should be golden.

    There is always some luck involved, no matter what anyone says. The best anglers still lose fish sometimes. The right knots, line and gear will make the number minuscule though.

    Knots are something that you have to have confidence in. If you tie a pr like crap and know it, use a different knot. A well tied 50% strength knot is better than a poorly tied 100% knot.
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  11. mythosbeer

    mythosbeer Senior Member

    Other than using a jigging rod for a casting rod, it didn’t seem like you had gear issues, based on your posts of you knots and servings, etc.
  12. scubaarchery

    scubaarchery Senior Member

    +1 on BHP wind ons and I basically use throwingtimbers setup with a different knot!
  13. duntonsdragons

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    Your mightyfish rod is built by goose hummock on a thrasher blank. It's a good rod, but only for small fish in my opinion. I own that rod myself. Sell the van staal rod, save up, buy a race point 250 over the winter. Caught an 80" yesterday and it took us 3 hours and 2 boats to land it. We probably wouldn't have landed it with the mightyfish rod.
    If your hollowcore doesn't have a loop on the end, bring your reel to goose hummock and have them splice in a loop. Then buy a 80lb fluorocarbon BHP windon as others suggested, which goose hummock sells.
    Dont crimp, tie a palomar knot to a Spro 230lb swivel attached to a 185lb Spro split ring.
    You can do it a million ways, but this way is proven and done by many guides on Cape Cod.
    Do this.