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This shark was caught by a firefighter in the Aransas bay. The waters are only about 8' deep in the bay. He caught it on a Friday afternoon 5/18/07. They had to store the fish in the walkin cooler at Fishermans Wharf until a scale arrived. It is a new state record and bay record 513lbs!!! They couldn't get it in the boat. I took two hours just to tow the shark to the boat ramp after beight caught.

Bull Shark, 9' 513 lbs
Caught in Aransas Bay
Previous state record 508 caught in the gulf
50 lb test, Penn Senator 114HL
17' Kenner Pro Skiff boat
Catcher: Randall Rickerson, Boat Captain: Mike Celaya
2 hour 10 minute fight
2 hour and 30 minute tow time to dock


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it was pregnant darn. I guess someene has screwed up the ecosystem. just kidding. GREAT KILL, all the trout fishermen owe that guy a beer.

Geeese Louweeese, All the wade fishermen owe that guy a bottle of Johnny Walker!

I guess I need to to stay in the boat from now on. I've fished those waters for years. :eek:

Congrats to Capt and angler!
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