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New Shimano

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Well....at least I think so. A very reliable source tells me Shimano is coming out with a new line of small lever drag reels. Dear Lord Baby Jesus...Bring back the TLD 5!

Side note: not sure why the site lists Accurate Fishing as the brand. I did not even write that.
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Are these going to be smaller models of the Tyrnos? I noticed they have a 12sized reel, pretty nice looking reel, but kind of heavy.

I have a TLD5 that I fondle on occasion, but don't use it anymore. Sweet reel!

Tom - DBG
I don't know anything else. But I'll tell you a great story about the TLD 5. Few years back I'm in a mom & pop tackle shop in Oklahoma. And I'm lookin in a glass case when my eyes zero in on a used TLD 5 in very good condition! Without getting too excited ( although the old man probably saw me begin to sweat profusely), I asked him how much. He replies with "Well folks 'round here don't like a reel without dat level wind. Make me an offer."
I ask him if he'll take $50 (knowing full well that reel would fetch $150+ on ebay). And he bites right away with no questions! I'm shaking like a first-time bank robber as I hand him the cash and walk out the door trying not to show my glee.

Few years later I sold it on ebay for $175. And I regret it big-time! Wish I could get another.
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