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So i ordered this rod i believe on friday, just got it this minute and im not real happy with it. the rod is rated 50- (80) -130 and they said i could put around 30 pounds of drag on it no problem.... well i tried doing a 20lb dead lift with it and before it was even beginning to come off the ground i started hearing pops and cracks so is this normal or is this rod way over rated. i am scared to put 20lbs on it it sounds like its gunna break. i will follow this up with some pics if i have time.
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every brand new rod I've had creaked a little at first
same experience here, it's like a new house.
Dont sound to good to me. I guess it's all in the ear of the beholder.
Never heard of a brake in period for a rod blank??? Hey u learn something new every day.
I agree. Seeker has a great rep, they're guaranteed, and many of the best custom rods use either Seeker or Calstar blanks. Lifts should be at a 45 degree angle or lower. You can break any of them if you high stick em. That rod should work for any tuna in the Gulf. I've got a couple of XH's, i think they're one step lower in capacity, and they've been great. The super seekers are really something. fish the creaks out of it. You'll like it.

.The super seekers are really something.

that's the black classic series that's built with the Original California Tackle tooling and designs, those rods are the standard of West Coast fishing.

'nuff said


actually it spooks me when i see such a big range on ratings (50-80-130)

i lean more t'wards ratings of 30-50, 50-80, 80-100, (and maybe even 80-130)

a 60# range just sounds hinky to me....... it's like what is it really built for?....
do they just wanna cover a bigger market?
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agreed - I generally fish with the lower end of the rating to be safe, at least to start. After a few good fish you should know what rod class it really is.
I think the cracking is the guides moving and stretching just a hair underneath the epoxy. Most all my rods have done that, and I don't like the way it sounds either.

Seeker is top notch, and that blank really is an 80lb blank. You could fish 130 with it but you'll bottom out the rod.

Tom - DBG
thanks guys but what kind of drag should i realisticlly expect to use on this ?
thanks guys but what kind of drag should i realisticlly expect to use on this ?
if you go with the assumption that its an 80-class, then 20-25 or so.
damn, well i guess my next question will be, is there any other rod out there that is juss as good quality but i can get more like 30 out of in the under $300 price range
sorry - i read your question wrong. It could handle up to about 40lbs.

**i for some reason thought 80lb test and not rod.
It would be a little over $300 for a spinner and a little under for a conventional, but I have a Calstar 700XH that I have pulled 35 pounds of drag on the scale in the garage and had confidence in at least another 5--but I am conservative. Fred (gimmedeal) brought in about a 50 or 60 pound yellow fin on it like it was a crappie. (Unfortunately, Calstar does not provide a clone of Fred with the blank.)

um damn i dont know...... puttin 40 lbs on this would scare the shyt outta me. but im gunna post pics in a minute or so.
um damn i dont know...... puttin 40 lbs on this would scare the shyt outta me. but im gunna post pics in a minute or so.

the rule of thumb I use is about 50% of the rod's rating. So an 80lb rod should be able to handle up to 40lbs. I wouldn't recommend it necessarily, but it should be able to handle it.
after i typed what i did i had to go get one o'my new rods outta the closet.....

it's a 6' AR standup with a rating of 50-100....... still quite a broad range
(originally bot 1, but just had to order another when i noticed it was labeled "BILLFISHER" in holographic lettering ;)

but for 150 buck$, whudda ya expect...... is see the one being spoke about is advertised as having a fast taper....... maybe that's why the broad range on rating

i just went back to the closet again and noticed that i have 4 new 5' 6" standups with a fast taper that have a broad range too........ 50-130..... an 80# range!
(but these are 'el-cheapos' for novice guests tho)
billfisher your right i just looked and it does say fast taper but i dont know. up here in the NE i will use this for my chunking and trolling setup and wanted to set it at about 20 pounds at strike and about 30 full with a tiagra 50wlrsa. but you are all right as it seems as it is breaking in with each lift i just got the 20lb weight off the ground fully and took sum pics but they came out crappy but ill post one of themm anyway until i take better ones.
hopefully all is well, it would suck to get a defective rod - good thing your breaking it in, at least you won't have it failing during your fishing!
"it seems as it is breaking in with each lift"

lol!........ i started to tell ya,...... ya gotta 'warm-it-up 1st! ;)

you oughta be fine with it then....... i hope those cheap ones i got'll hold up to about 18# at strike........ gonna put 50Ws with underrated 60# mono on'em

i say cheap...... they're just aren't ARs...... stripper and tip-top only

still.... i think they'll be okay for trolling and chunking for when i have novices on the boat (don't wanna see any o'my good schtuff go over the side)
yea id say that makes a lot of sense. i believe it was Mr. Bill who said he would rather have a rod break in his garage or sumwhere other than on a boat than to have it break while fighting a nice sized fish. and id have to say i agree with that. the rod is creaking alot les now and i got the 20lb off the fround no problem but i only have one pic how do i post it ?
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