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    I just picked up my new rod from David at Bimini Custom Rods here in San Antonio. I would like to thank David for making this rod in trade for tree work. The rod is a jigging master 400g with a ALPS reel seat, TRI -AH2OM PG and the guides he used where Fuji,TSVSG a 30, 20, 16, 12 and 10. I am planning on using a Stella SW 10K on this rod. David has made 10 or so rods over the years for me. They have all been great. I figured it was time for me to show one of them off and give David a little credit. Sorry I couldn't get a full shot of the rod. Enjoy View attachment 6803

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    Very nice Andy, David does great work. Now you just need the wind to stop blowing so you can test it out.....

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    Cool looking rod Andy
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