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Discussion in 'Reels' started by red34, Dec 14, 2008.

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    I am in the market for a jigging reel similar to the Saltist 40 in size and line capacity. I was going to see if any of yall had bought one of these NEW CaboPT reels. They look very similar in design to the Saltist. I am very happy with my Saltist 30T and my Cabo 80 spinning reel so far so I'm really not bias to either of the 2 brand names.


    Quantum Performance Tuned Fishing Tackle

    It's not really the $$ thing cause these reels are pretty close on ebay (Saltist 40 and Cabo CNW20) The Cabo 20 has a similar line cap to the Saltist 50. Without having a place where I can touch and feel the reels side by side, it's tough to make a decision.

    It's going to have 80# spectra and going on an OTI 7'6" 80# blank wrapped for conventional.
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    It looks good on paper. It has more bearings than a lot of the competition, but does not appear to have a bearing on the handle. The drag looks great and I hope it performs as well. The weight and size are good. I like the gear ratio. I can't wait to hear some reports. The antireverse sounds similar to a torium, so it may be an issue unless the backups are double cogs.

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    I bought a CaboCNW 30PT last year and have been satisfied with it although I have yet to test it on a big AJ or YFT. It's packed with 65# braid. This reel looks to be an upgrade on that line.

    One thing I find pretty neat about the Cabos is the hole in the spool arbor makes it easy to attach braided lines. I'm not a tackle junkie .... are there other reels on the market with that feature?:confused: :confused:
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