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    Just got back from my tuna trip to venice. I posted a few months ago asking about rods. I changed my mind and decided to get the rainshadow RCLB 80m instead of the calstar 700h. The little bit of money I saved went towards my new Avet LX 6/3 with 65lb braid and a 50 pound topshot. I guess I got one of the new silent ones :)

    I cut about 2" from the tip and about 2" from the butt. Then I added a aftco gimbal to make the rod about 7'10". I used a hypalon 14" foregrip, and 12"-13" rear grip. Fugi heavy duty graphite seat. I used three heavey duty boat guides to make the spiral transition and then went to alconite single foot guides to the tip. used size #20-HD doublefoot, #12HD singlefoot, #12hd double foot, #10 single foots to a #12 HD-alconite tip.
    The Rod loads and cast a 3-4oz poppers great, and feels very light in hand. I only caught dolphin on it, but I feel like it has enough backbone to fish as much drag as the LX can put out. I will try to get a photo picking up a 15 pound anchor. The rod shuts off about 2/3 of the way down the blank and the large radius butt section doesn't bend at all until about a foot above the foregrip.

    I magged the LX with 3 - 1/4" lee valley magnets but I must have spaced them too far apart away from the spool because I couldn't feel them doing anything. The first half the day I had severe backlash problems until I got the preset drag cast control dialed in. After that I was outcasting the spinning rod by about 10-25 yards. I need to get the magnets tuned in because the cast control (drag setting) was robbing distance from me. It was good at take off, then would start to overrun about 1/2 way as the popper started to arc. Then at the end of the cast I could feel the cast control (drag) breaking too much and killing maybe 10 to 20 yards off the cast. The magnets should regulate the backlash during the middle of the cast but still allow the spool to spin freely at the end. I know the LX won't ever cast like my tricked out Ambassadors but I can definitely see the potential for long range bombing. Hell, I might even take it surf fishing. For throwing big baits I am now positive a baitcaster will outcast a spinner with heavy braided line.

    For lures I used a superstrike 3 oz sinking popper in white and got a couple of dolphin. The popper had a big cup that seemed to look better if it was worked with jerks instead of straight fast reeling. The last five minutes I tied on a roberts ranger 3oz crome topwater, it casted great and just had a knarly surface action. I should have throw it all day. I got these lures from and they really fly well.

    Ok so we got 3 yellowfin, two on live bait and one chunking. I got the two smaller ones about 45 pounds a piece on my avet 4/02. And 7 dolphin, five of which came on poppers. My buddy caught a skipjack and a blackfin on poppers as well.
    Here are the photo's

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    Excellent report all the way around!

    Did you hook up with anything on the Rangers?

    Their action is very cool!

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    I only threw the Rangers for a couple of cast at the end of the trip just to check them out. So I didn't really give them a chance, but after seeing their action it might be all I throw next time.
    I didn't take the photo's of my rod until right after the fishing trip so it is still dirty, but after all it is just a fishing rod isn't it. You have seen prettier ones, I am more of a form follows function guy.