New Penn Spinners-Will they fit an OTI reel seat

Discussion in 'Reels' started by LT1, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. LT1

    LT1 Member

    Will the new penn spinners fit the narrower reel seats or are they the same size foot as the SS and Slammer series?

  2. Bill Fisher

    Bill Fisher Senior Member

    the new high-dollar Penn torque spinners? i keep hoping for a full review of'em....... not just they're shoe-size ;).......

    but if i had to guess, i'd say, "yes" because i just rec'd a Penn Torque (jigging) Spinning Rod and the reel seat is the standard (narrow) size...... i feel sure they'd have their new reels ready to fit their own rods

  3. BretABaker

    BretABaker Guest

    yes, they fit. we put the reels on at ICAST.