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The best just got better!
P series 6'6" 198CM Cork Handled Limited Edition.
4 ways
● Acid Revolver wrapped
● Straight
● Spinning
● Blanks only
Powers 0 to 5
100% Fuji hardware
Under & Over wrapped guides
Real warranty
Padded TipProtect rod socks are colored to match rod model
Chameleon Deep Blue painted shafts

Font Wood Electric blue Commemorative plaque Circle
Vertebrate Sleeve Publication T-shirt Font
Line Office supplies Font Wood Metal
Wood Textile Plant Line Art
Tire Wheel Trousers Shoe Automotive tire
Light Gas Composite material Musical instrument Metal
Bicycle part Tints and shades Gas Cylinder Engineering
Musical instrument Idiophone Cone Tints and shades Metal
Wheel Bicycle tire Automotive tire Tire Musical instrument
Bicycle tire Tire Wheel Automotive tire Automotive lighting
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