New Navigation System!.....

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    GPS to be replaced by new Navigation System --

    You can now throw away your GPS, radar, or old magnetic compass........

    Getting to where you want to go can now be achieved by using the new Two Point Navigation System (TPNS).

    The pros:

    TPNS does not require passing satellites or any power source and looks attractive on any vessel.

    mounting TPNS on your boat is more than half the fun,........ as it can be mounted anywhere!

    Join the growing band of happy navigators that find so much relief and satisfaction in using the Two Point Navigation System.........


    (also available in black)

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    i like this new system so much, i installed THREE SETS on my boat!........ ;)

    The cons:



    constantly needs updating to
    newer models due to aging



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    Hey how did you get that picture of my boat!! Someone has hacked my photo bucket account!
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    I can only see issues with "wear and tear" on some moving parts! Gravitometric interference could become an issue over time.
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    funny comments from the other board:

    Look's expensive!!!! Frank
    And high maitinance. - Bert
    I can promise you it won't work either...but uh...who cares. - Lostwachagot
    "also available in black" LOL
    The system wont ever be outdated it is timeless
    I beg to differ, this system will require frequent maintenance and upgrading, with out it the Two Points will grow apart.
    i disagree too..... i already find myself looking at newer models
    Im ordering one now. Will have no problem getting a full crew now.
    i got a cheaper model coming out soon but made in china
    ahhhh but with age....subject to sag and lag....the updates could get expensive.....
    That system doen not last long and is prone to unpredictable behavior as it ages. It also becomes less accurate because the "points" tend to drift apart. Replacement models are expensive.
    Recalibration via silicone or saline can get quite expensive...
    Nemo is right. without upgrades the to points will end up under the arms thus reducing navigation capabilities.
    Mounting this unit looks like a lot more fun then my old unit. - Fishduck
    We're supposed to be Mariner's right??? The movement of the known point's over time is known as "Deviation", let's get it straight! At least sound professional there Sailor!!! - Frank
    I think I'd be lost a lot, but wouldn't really care. Looks like there may be a fish finder included too (or at least something is fishie about it).
    when they need calibrating just trade them in for a younger model
    tust me its alot cheaper to rent that unit
    often these units have a break down every month for several days, and just when those break downs are finished with, the money has run out.
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    i'd like to see how it is attached to the deck
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    Come on Bill, Please keep it work and family friendly.