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I recieved a Lamiglas CHJ 6650 (5'6" 50-65# 8-16oz) as a replacement for a broken blank. I never really got much in the way of a good review for this blank, but I had to do with what I had. This was going to be for inshore and lighter duty anyway so I wasn't too worried about its power.

I was actually pretty impressed with it's lifting power during my static and later in stress testing. It is not (I don't think ;) ) going to have any trouble lifting to the max of the reel's and line's capabilities.

Anyway, it's not completely finished, but I needed some artistic advice on the final touches. It didn't work out exactly how I saw it in my mind, but I don't think it's bad...just different that how I expected. Please feel free to offer up suggestions on what you think will make it pop.

Handle Assembly:

1st Guide:

Split Grip:

Closer Up Look at the Guides:

1st Dilema: I did a marbling on the underwraps and rolled black thread. My initial intent was to go clear epoxy over the overwraps and then slip a tiny swirl of Blue as the trim bands. Now I'm thinking to go silver or just leave them off.

Full Length Rod:

2nd Dilema: Not sure what to put between the grip and 1st Guide. I have a Lamiglas logo, my own logo, and all the rod specs. Problem is that the whole rod has a silver theme but the 2 logos I have are gold. I think it would break up all the silver and I don't think I like that.

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I say marble the area in front of the foregrip halfway to the first guide.

Nice work.

Agreed. I'd go the same way Mike just mentioned. Will go great with the rest of the marble job.

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I kept it pretty simple. I already did the little marbled ramp at the foregrip. I added a tiny swirl of silver as a trim band to transition from the black thread to the rod. I found space for both decals and the rod specs.

It'll be nice to bend this thing on a fish rather than every heavy object in the house!!

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