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The ASA striper tourney was in cape May this weekend.

After the guys trailered the boat down from brielle on friday. View attachment 9243
We ran the 39 VENTURE saturday to the delaware bay.
The boat ran great with the trip 275's.
And ate up the bay both going out and coming in when the wind was kicking up a little, against the tide.

We setup near a slough in 60ft of water. using fresh bunker heads.
we were able to get a few nice fish ASA capemay 2009 043.JPG

the day was topped of with some Bunker rolls:eek:
View attachment 9246
maybe a new trend:D View attachment 9247

had a great day.
when we got back we donated a live striper to go to the CT aquarium..

and ate the others.. View attachment 9247
View attachment 9249
View attachment 9251
View attachment 9250
View attachment 9248

Great day of fishing and fun.


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