New Guy Here - to the forum and jigging!

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by DoubleA, Jul 27, 2009.

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    Hello all! Just found you guys - the second thread i opened was GMan's intro to jigging!! AWESOME INFO! i posted this there but i figured i should get my name out there and introduce myself to all you guys - and ladies, if there are any, joking aside :).

    you guys dont know how happy i am to find SO MANY PEOPLE jigging!! i thought i was the only one!!! I live on the west coast of Florida(St. Petersburg) and jigging has definately not caught on around here.

    I am so happy for all this information!! As of right now the only Jigs i can get ahold of are Shimano. I cant wait to start branching out. already getting an order together to order some OTI jigs!!

    Ok, so i bought my first jigging set up - let me know what you think. Please understand that i am fishing for A LOT smaller fish in the Gulf. You guys are catching monsters! i dont think we have fish like that in the gulf. if we do, i sure as hell have never seen them!!

    I have a Shimano Trevala 30-65lb test Braid Med. 6'6" (55-160g) w/ a Stradic 8000. Runnin 60lb braid w/ 80lb flouro leader.

    I want to get a slightly heavier rig to be able to handle larger fish but still not be unfun if i catch smaller fish. i would rather fight longer on lighter tackle and make sure i have fun no matter what fish i catch. i was considering the Trevala 50-100lb test line MH (110-240g jigs) 6'6". i was going to run 80lb braid on a Saragosa 18000.

    Please let me know what you think of the set up and let me know how big a fish i could be able to handle on it.

    Next, a question if you guys dont mind. What happens if i run a much heavier Jig than my rod is rated for? do i lose the action of the jig?? what are the negatives?

    thanks for all the help already and any help i get from my questions!

    GMan, thanks for taking the time to write up an intro - you introduced me to a lot of new manufactures(i might PM you to help find retailers for them). THANKS AGAIN!

    Capt. Aaron

    OH! my first jiggin fish ever!
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    1st- welcome. this is a great site and you will get a wealth of knowledge here.

    shimano flatside jigs are fantastic! if im not fishing a nagamasa i'll be fishing the flatside.

    i have the rod you have. it was my first jigging rod. i still have it and it is fun with snapper and smaller fish.

    i often use jigs that are too heavy for the rod im using. some rods work well with certain weights. after a while you can "feel" the jig working properly. almost a second sense. some rods that are rated 400gm might actually be to stiff for that weight. everyone has their own preference. if your looking to potentially upgrade gear, id recomend that you get a reputable rod and one that has the specs closest to what your looking for. many will say that there is no one rod to do it all. but everytime i jig, i end up using the same rod.

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    welcome to the site.
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    thanks for the replies guys
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    Welcome to the forum and I jig N W Florida as well. I started out with the Trevallas and now they sit at home or double for my snapper bottom rods. I like Barefoot and OTI much better. They have better backbone if you happen to hook a decent fish and need to turn him away from a wreck or rock. I also used Shimano jigs exclusively until the kings started taking more than I could afford. I now just buy el cheapos.