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I re-edited the Panama P Series Cork Explainer video last night. I cropped the video a bit so its tighter on the rod and yours truly

This video was shot on location at Paradise Fishing Lodge using a new Bluetooth lapel mic so hopefully you can hear me alot a better and less wind/background noise.

These rods have caught an amazing number of quality "Fish of Lifetime" they "FLICK" or "PITCH" the jig just right to get the bites - anyone can make a thin rod and call it Slow Pitch folks, very few have invested the time, energy and money to make a rod that presents the jig correctly. I literally lived at the rod factory for 5 weeks developing and perfecting this blank ~ that is why I have over 150 photos just like the ones below in less than 2 years of the product being on the market !

They work plain and simply and we support and warranty them better than anyone in the business.
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