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    Hello Everyone!
    My name is Erik Landesfeind and I just started a new fishing reports website for the east coast.

    I'd like to thank Minnow for allowing me to post information about it here!

    The site is called and is an extension of

    Following in the footsteps of our west coast site (976-TUNA), East Coast Sportfishing is a fishing reports website where you can find up to the minute information about what's biting and where it's biting. We update the site multiple times a day whenever we get information from charter boat captains and private boaters.

    Right now, most of our reports are coming from the New York / New Jersey area, but as we get up and running, we plan to cover the entire eastern seaboard.

    I welcome you to take a look at the site and let me know if there are any specific areas that you would like for us to cover. I would also welcome any reports from charter captains or private boaters to help us get the site going.

    You can reach me by phone at (631) 343-3129 or via email at [email protected].

    976-TUNA has been the west coast's go to location for up to the minute fishing information since 1985 and with our new site, we hope to be able to offer the same level of service to east coast anglers.

    If we're not currently covering your area, please bear with us as I am trying to expand our coverage area as quickly as possible.

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    OK Erik, I just joined.

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    Thanks for joining!

    We've made some upgrades to the site (including live audio reports).