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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by ReelMe, Jan 4, 2016.

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    This ought to gain interest :). Aka liven the place up a bit!!!
    I am trying to decide on a new CC weapon. I am currently looking at the Sig P229 but it isn't exactly small. I admittedly am not up to date on pistols, I am more of a rifleman :). I'd like to find a weapon for carry and that can be used as a home protection weapon possibly. If I use the same weapon for both, my wife needs to be able to use the weapon with somewhat ease. I do have a nice Walther .380 she can shoot already though.
    I am looking at the Glock line as well as the Sig. With my less than adequate pistol knowledge, I am at a loss when I show up to a gun counter and see 300 pistols. I'd like to find something that is very easy and comfortable to carry, good reliability and quality, and a good value.
    I know there are quite a few guys here that have a good knowledge of pistols.....
  2. lite-liner

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    Really like my Bersa thunder 380, its inexpensive, as reliable as a revolver,
    & eats whatever you feed it, including the cheap stuff. I've put at least 600
    rds thru it with zero FTL,FTF, or FTE. nice stock sights, too
    I will say that after I bought the optional 9rd clip, it became A LOT more balanced
    & easier to get on target quickly

    just saw an ad about Taurus's new hammerless pocket pistol
    might ck it out, designed for CC/small hands, looks interesting enough.......
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  3. Get'n Jiggy

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    S&W Model 60 .38spl

    S&W Bodyguard . 38/spl+p
    Bodyguard comes with Crimson Trace laser sight

    S&W MP 40 trijicon night sights

    Wifey carries a Walther .22 it was the only gun that didn't make her trigger flinch. She didn't like the .357 .38 or 380.
  4. Get'n Jiggy

    Get'n Jiggy Ultimate Warrior

    Guy on YouTube does torture test and burn downs with guns. He burned down a Glock but it took a while. Glock was cooking off and nearly on fire but it kept going. I'm not a Glock fan but that torture test changed my mind. It kept going and going.

    He also burned down a two AK's and M4 and AR.

    The Russian AK was literally on fire, cooking off and finally quit.
  5. Get'n Jiggy

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  6. Drifter

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    Love my 229 and all my Sigs :). I used to worry it might accidentally show a presentation but as of Jan 1, it's not a concern anymore.
  7. cactusfishman

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    Going to get my CCL with a CZ P-09, 40 S&W. Fits my short sausage fingers and hand well.
  8. carboyvu

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    I just got the glock 43 a few months ago and love it. Its the 9mm single stack. It only holds 6+1 but there are mag extenders that will allow you to add up to 2 more rounds. Very comfortable to conceal IWB. I got the alien gear 3.0 IWB holster for it. Only shot about 300 rounds through it but so far no problems and its pretty accurate.
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    Haha.........For Sale.....used one time.
  10. Hooksetter6

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    Though I carry a Kahr CW40, I'm with Lite-Liner, I love the Bersa. It is the only weapon that comes to mind that is better than the weapon it copied. It is much lighter, has better sights, a de-cocking safety and is much cheaper than a Walther PPK. For it's intended purpose of self defense (up close and personal) it is plenty of gun that is a hell of a lot more fun (and cheaper) to shoot than my .40.
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    Just went on S&Ws website....the non-slip grip and grip angle look very comfortable. Im a little out of the loop on new long has this been on the market for?
  12. tugasangler

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    S&w m&p 2.0 9compact is my favorite. I installed more favorable grips because I appendix carry and it’s abrasive factory grip was doing a number on my belly even with a tank top .

    Also the s&w bodyguard .380acp is a little pocket rocket .

    S&W shields are nice and compact as well love those .

    Glock 19 or 43 are both very nice but they’re also very heavy hence why I usually choose the smith counterparts . I do own the Glock 19 though.

    However the Glock isn’t much more fun than my 2.0 it was twice the price . Do with that what you like . I couldn’t decide so I own many .
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  13. a1flyfishr

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    Take a look at the Sig P-365 went to a local shop a few months back and held the p365. Liked the feel with all 3 mag designs. Since then I think they came out with a SAS and a XL. May go and check them out soon.

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  14. jiggawhat

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    I have a sig p938 thats got probably 700 rds through it. Its my daily carry. Pretty nice little 1911 style gun. Its Small has ambi safety and comes in a bunch of diffrent flavors. Single stack 6+1 or 7+1. Comes in 9mm only but they do make a p238 which is .380. My larger every now and then carry is a p320 compact. Similer to glock 19 size.I personally wouldnt go out and buy any “new” to the market gun because theres usually a few things that need to be taken back to the drawing board.i recommend Tried and true because your life may depend on it.i Also Wouldnt carry a gun without a few hundred rounds through it. Thats just me
  15. ReelMe

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    Old thread update lol
    I bought a Glock 19 but it’s bigger than I liked for concealment, IWB carry. So I bought a S&W Shield 9mm and I like it, no imprint.
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  16. ReelMe

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    But it’s been a couple years and there are a lot of new models, I know there is a nice new SIG model.