New CABO spinners - Hey Newman

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by txseadog, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. ALW

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    I brought it on the trip. It will pull 20 lbs drag, cranked down. It had 80Lb PP on it. Newman borrowed it and caught a tuna with it and was impressed. Compared to the SS950 Penn I have it's much lighter in weight. Don't have any more details. I did not get a chance to use it but plan to buy one.

  2. Ragman

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    Hey Kevin,

    I just changed over to Quantum's PTi20 for the inshore reds and specs fishing I do each year.

    If the PTi20 is an indicator of their new quality standard, the 70/80 will be great performers too!
  3. PiePuncher

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    I have the 60 and have been very impressed with the reel. I have caught all kinds of fish from inshore to offshore on the thing and it is still as good as new, minus a little boat rash. Great reel. Captain Devlin from Fourchon was using the smaller Cabo, I think the 40 or something for catching tuna on topwater. I dont see any reason a larger Cabo couldnt handle a tuna or anything else for that matter.