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Our first trip of the year was an epic night of fishing under the full moon.
On the ride out we made a couple quick stops for Beeliners but it was not happening, after I realized that nothing was going to work after fishing three stops in two different areas I decided to go ahead and get an early start on tuna.
While the bottom bite was non existent the tuna bite was pretty much red hot all night. Halcos and Frenzy’s were the baits of choice with a few being caught off jigs. Our average size was great, somewhere around 70 lbs and we also lost a bunch more due to the long battles and hooks pulling and lines breaking. The biggest fish of the trip went 143 on the boat scale.

Trip totals....
55 YFT
207 BFT
Handful of BBs, not many
9 Scamp.
Food Animal product Fish Seafood Ray-finned fish
Vertebrate Water Food Fish Seafood
Fish Seafood Food Cuisine Ray-finned fish
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41 - 60 of 269 Posts