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Hello, I'm a first time poster/new member.

Tackle questions for 30 hour trip. I've only been on 12hr trips on the New Bucanner.

1) Would this combo work for casting Halco 130s?
Reel: Penn Fathom 25n star drag with 60# braid, ~15# drag
Rod: Penn Carnage 7' XH
I can toss it about 40 or so yards (may need to remove long mono top shot for more distance).

2) If the reel is not enough, anyone have luck casting a Fathom 40NLD2 (60# braid) or Torque 40NLD2 (80# braid)?

3) Do yall use small reels for beeliners, or does everyone use really heavy stuff just in case? I liked using a Penn Fathom 12 SD on New Bucanner beeliner trips with 40# braid.

4) Do yall rig a swivel somewhere between the main line and jigs/Halco 130?

5) Do yall usually tie on leaders lighter, the same weight, or heavier than main line? I'm currently playing with making wind on leaders.

Alot of your questions will be answered in this thread Beginner's Guide to GOM Partyboat Fishing for Tuna
1 - 13 of 269 Posts