New Buccaneer Fall 2020 Tuna Schedule

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  1. lepidus23

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    No idea, this was my first tuna trip and I just agreed with the deckhand. Perhaps Matt can confirm the ID on this tiny tuna.
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  2. Mpro2

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    Have you considered metered line? I can't bottom fish without it! As far as the green stuff, you can mark it with a black or dark colored sharpie (marker). That has worked for me....
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  3. Tuna Hooker

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    I was pressed for time having three days notice before my last trip. The green 80lb power pro slick was all that was in stock when I needed it. I’m trying to get my moneys worth out of it. When it’s time to change it I plan on using metered line.

    For some reason the sharpie didn’t work for me.
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  4. mactuna78

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    Well oct 14/15 will be a trip I remember for a long time , got to celebrate my dirty 30 fishing with all my friends that I have gained over the years from fishing on the boat .
    Got to the first stop and I tried dropping live piggy and squid down but I wasn't having no luck so I switched to jigging hooked a small king that flipped off the hook darn.... kept jigging got a few more small bites but couldn't hook up , so I moved back to dropping to the bottom caught 8 good size vermillion, 2 baby ajs that got vented and went off swimming . Moved to the deep drop spot and wow it was long crank I managed to catch a barrel fish and a vermillion so my arms was satisfied for doing it but I also had 3 boat sinkers on my line which are all 12oz weights so 36oz of weight did pretty good holding down that deep for me.. after wards we made our run to tuna grounds and I started off with the halco crew cause it was hott and colors didn't seem to matter too much .i seen them hit alot of colors so have a selection. Seen people throwing flyers i love watching those get nailed by tunas , wind picked up later in the night and the people who know how to chunk right had great success with some nice fish , i managed to be the biggest 315lb fish caught on the boat i had a hook go into my right shin cause people leave gear on the benches or rails and people can trip into them and hook some one else when they dont mean too so please don't leave your gear laying around and if it is among around caught the jig off or put a sleeve over the hook will save people from visiting the dr on the boat and then the deck hands or captain has to become a dr for a little bit .. which I must say they are amazing when situations like that come up . After I got done at the drs office I started throwing halcos again seen guys hooking up but no luck for me so I decided to tie on a popper and finally caught my first yft on a popper after that was 5 30 am and we left shortly after

    Overall had a amazing birthday . i got to spend it with some great friends and would do it all over again except the hook ....

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  5. day0ne

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    Green braid on a party boat is a horrible idea.
  6. redgarvey

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    White Sharpie paint pen

  7. Capt.matt

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    The 10/19-20 trip was another good one.
    On the way out we stopped for a couple hours over natural bottom in 200 ft where we caught a good pile of Beeliners, some really nice Scamp, with one going 26 lbs and close to a dozen AJs.
    We lost some speed on the way to the floaters due to the seas so we arrived a little later than I had planned at around 8:45. Tuna fishing was steady all night, not fast but we picked up a YFT on most every drift and they were mostly caught on chunks, with a handful coming off jigs. I saw very few caught off Halcos all night.
    We had 3 fish over 110 lbs and several more pushing 100 and our biggest went 130 gutted.
    21 YFT
    121 BFT
    278 Beeliners
    10 AmberJack
    6 AlmacoJack
    1 RockHind
    18 Scamp
    A484AC8F-4C0D-4C38-833C-0A9A949E9EF8.jpeg F33A8E8D-802A-4414-B15A-D0489815A83B.jpeg 6DB0EB2C-3F9D-44C1-8CB5-0998464F4F4B.jpeg AD60CF0C-10F3-489E-8097-F4683EABC071.jpeg 04E5866C-0228-4E12-A217-681539D35AA0.jpeg BD2FE34C-5539-4561-8581-E4C51DF7E642.jpeg 063B4206-BB2B-48C7-95D3-737DE795CCD4.jpeg 409E7A93-7FBF-437E-9FC3-CE9D507D0CC4.jpeg AD60CF0C-10F3-489E-8097-F4683EABC071.jpeg

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  8. awesum

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    What floater(s) did you fish if I may ask?
  9. semipro

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    Magnolia ,good bottom fishing too
  10. Craig Howard

    Craig Howard New Member

    This was my first 32hr tuna trip and it was fantastic. I landed 2 big YFT, a 65lb AJ, and 10 BFT. Captain Matt did a good job of putting us on fish and the deck hands on this boat are always great. I can’t wait to go again.
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  11. Illy

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    @Craig Howard what did you catch the Aj on?
  12. Craig Howard

    Craig Howard New Member

    Live piggy perch
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  13. Craig Howard

    Craig Howard New Member

    It was caught right off bottom around 200-250’
  14. Mpro2

    Mpro2 Well-Known Member

    Another excellent trip! My son and I are already making plans once the spring schedule is set. Just one thing to be aware of, take plenty of Halcos! Got on board with 9, and went home with 3 of them....dang cudas!!!
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  15. Craig Howard

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    For sure the cudas like the halcos I took 5 and came home with 1. I will be bringing extra my next trip
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    cudas need a good bat to the head and sent to the crab grounds!
  17. Mpro2

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    Yeah, the poor guy next to me was jigging for blackfin, and pulled up the heads only, three times in a row.....he was getting really pissed off about it. I told him I would buy him a beer if he could pull in a whole tuna! Lol!
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  18. TomH

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    I got so lucky on my trip. I saw 1 cuda that followed my halco in. Fished the entire night on one halco, then hooked a yellow on the final drift and he took me across the anchor and cut me. I was hoping to bring my paintless halco home for a trophy.
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  19. BrianHouston

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    I saw an old salt put 6 inch titanium wire on the Halco which lasted for whole night, while I lost all of mine at one night. he got 2 cudas and several tunas, I will try it next time.
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