New Buccaneer Fall 2020 Tuna Schedule

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    The office will start taking reservations Monday July 13 at 10am. You can book online or call the office at (409)763-5423.

    6-7 Th-Fri 3/4 Moon 30hr
    10-11 Mon-Tue 1/2 Moon 30hr
    10-11 Th-Fri 1/2 Moon 30hr
    14-15 Mon-Tue New Moon 30hr
    17-18 Th-Fri New Moon 30hr
    21-22 Mon-Tue 1/4 Moon 30hr
    24-25 Th-Fri 1/2 Moon 30hr
    12-13 Mon-Tue 1/8 Moon 30hr
    15-16 Th-Fri New Moon 30hr
    19-20 Mon-Tue 1/4 Moon 30hr
    22-23 Th-Fri 1/2 Moon 30hr
    5-6 Th-Fri 3/4 Moon 30hr
    9-10 Mon-Tue 1/4 Moon 30hr
    12-13 Th-Fri New Moon 30hr
    16-17 Mon-Tue New Moon 30hr
    19-20 Th-Fri 1/4 Moon 30hr
    22-24 Sun-Tue 1/2 Moon 56hr
    7-8 Mon-Tue 1/2 Moon 30hr
    10-11 Th-Fri 1/8 Moon 30hr
    14-15 Mon-Tue New Moon 30hr
    27-28 Sun-Mon Full Moon 30hr
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  2. turbohardtop

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    no weekend trips Capt Matt?

  3. Capt.matt

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    Not right now, we may have some added later on depending on how our weekend 12 hour trips book up once snapper season ends.
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  5. Illy

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    How much for the 56hr? It wasn’t listed as an option on the website
  6. Mpro2

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    My son and I are booked for October 22-23! Still a chance for me to get an amberjack, Lol!
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  7. Illy

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    I booked for 11/5 no AJ for me :(
  8. Mpro2

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    Anybody here going on the Oct.22nd trip? Besides Capt. Matt....hehe!
  9. Capt.matt

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    BE99CC86-0220-45B1-9610-997C4A993F51.jpeg C2B71B2B-00A8-4497-855B-230F08E74CF7.jpeg 5898AEBA-4244-487E-A7FA-003DFB4AB2D2.png 4CB3FC3A-6997-48CF-BF84-715931106DBA.png DEFA58E5-948E-45BB-A672-1B603A27D4C9.png 13EA7D07-B52F-457F-8B90-0A857B1D5524.jpeg 6B4C74C0-EE0B-4CB5-B146-41980461E78C.jpeg A2D44E39-07B1-49DD-9877-7D5A87715222.jpeg 4D0F8381-B9E5-42F0-9B13-C42401638886.jpeg 8/6-8/7
    Our first trip back was a pretty good one overall. The daytime fishing made the trip, while the night time fishing was a little on the slower side.
    We did most of the bottom fishing in 170 ft of water and did pretty good on Beeliners and had a few AJs and Scamps mixed in and even released a Sail. I was planning on hitting another reef area after that stop but came across a nice weed line that we caught some decent Dorado on, there were tons of them there but they were a little finicky. We left the weed line heading offshore and came across a dragging shrimper in 300 ft and made a quick drift off of it. I saw a few Blackfin but they were out numbered 1-100 by Bonita so we saved some for chunk bait. For our last stop of the day we drifted a sea mount in 600 ft where we landed a handful of Barrels, YellowEdge, a Golden Tile and a few Queens, including 2 Queens that are bigger than the current state record.
    Tuna fishing unfortunately was not nearly as exciting as the daytime was. We ground on them all night and fished a total of 5 different rigs. We ended up with close to an average number of BFT and they were mostly jumbos but the YFT just weren’t there for us in the numbers that we would like to see.
    Trip Totals....
    5 YFT
    125 BFT
    8 AJ
    275 Beeliners
    4 Scamp
    2 YellowEdge
    1 Mangrove
    3 Barrel Fish
    5 Queen Snapper
    19 Dorado
    18 King Fish
    1 GoldenTile
    1 Sailfish (Released)
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    nice fish count!
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  11. awesum

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    That big Scamp is a hoss!
  12. Mpro2

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    Nice mixed bag you got there Capt. Matt, impressive!
  13. esgeo

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    Sounds like a lot of fun (and winding!) on a true safari type trip! Thanks for the details.
  14. Capt.matt

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    Aug 10/11
    Bottom fishing on the way out was decent. Fished natural bottom, started in 160 ft and ended in 300 ish. The bite was pretty good for the first few minutes of each stop but they shut off after that. Our day ended with a decent catch of Beeliners and a handful of Jacks.
    Tuna fishing was much better this trip than it was last week. We had a fairly steady Yellowfin bite for most of the night and the Blackfin pretty much jumped in the boat. Our average size on the yellows was surprisingly good for August, they averaged 50-60 lbs.
    Trip totals.....
    32 YFT
    354 BFT
    280 Beeliners
    4 AmberJack
    2 AlmacoJack
    10 Scamps 9EE1C582-B8AD-4AD6-AC7D-0F3559DBCE95.jpeg 480CA341-972F-476B-85C4-6CDBB67C444E.jpeg 2628C309-035E-47D6-B680-7AB903AADC57.jpeg A49D85AC-4B8E-4E19-A888-E566D6F5E997.jpeg 5DBEBA85-B182-472A-BCE4-DF8A5D7AFC66.jpeg 06D02603-FD5F-41CA-8837-C31F865602AD.jpeg
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    @Capt.matt Was an awesome time! I was still a bit unprepared being by first time, next time Ill be loaded for bear (Or Tuna) ready to go!
  16. Illy

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    That’s a monster AJ wow. My November trip can’t come soon enough ⏳
  17. Capt.matt

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    The office has finally opened the Nov 22 56 hour up for booking.
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  18. Mpro2

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    Yes it is! Glad I booked an October trip just to keep one if I catch it....
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  19. Illy

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    I booked a 12hr in sept on the bucc. Hopefully I can get a big one then!
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  20. aahx489

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    Just curious, Why are the fish hanged out in the sun? Wouldn't that reduce quality of the meat?