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Discussion in 'JPR Custom Fishing Rods' started by mick12, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. mick12

    mick12 Junior member

    I just recently purchased an Avet MXJ MC 6/4 raptor and was needing a good saltwater fishing rod any suggestion would help. Thanks in advance !
  2. dewa kesuma

    dewa kesuma Active Member

    maybe you can add some specific information on your post, such as budget and your target fish.
    people will easily reccommend you for any options then:)
    but if you dont have any limitation on budget, go for fisherman or patriot design;)

  3. north coast

    north coast Senior Member

    Yup,need more specifics.
    What are you going to do with it?
    Otherwise there are 2,876 good options.

    You’re in Bali right?
    Does jigging master have a vendor there?
    That would be one of my top choices.
  4. dewa kesuma

    dewa kesuma Active Member

    @north coast yes, JM have an agent here in BALI, i know personally who sell JM products in Bali, location is only 15 minutes from home:)
  5. paul708

    paul708 Site Sponsor

    depending on what your fishing for, i still like the JM powerspells, they are longer and fun. a 400 i still use, the JM 3 kings is shorter ..we have rods from 250$ that match up, depending on your needs