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need tuna trip in October (11-15)

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Anyone know of a trip going at the above time? wife will be on business trip to Chicago, and I have the OK for a tuna trip!! WOOO HOOO!!! :D I dont really want to walk into a party boat, either a private trip or crew on a private boat... i dont mind pitching in 500-600 for a tuna trip on a private boat.:cool:
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I'll go. anybody in mind?
Capt Eddie????

I saw where the GEM trip is that week, but toooo much $$$$$ for me this go round. I wasnt supposed to go this year.. BUT.... opportunity knocks.... LOL!!
trying to see when the Cinco Sies Trip is gonna be. I am confused on the dates... I wouldnt mind fishing next to 15 people I know.
Private 48hr on the Pelican leave friday?
I dont know just an idea but if you get anything like that together please post up.
Hey Ronnie!

Shoot Willie an email -if you haven't already- as I think there's a trip around that time being thrown around?

I may be mistaken.
i will do that. I know the GEM 07 trip is that week, but thats too much to swallow this year.
Hey Ronnie, the GEM 80 hour trip does cost some bucks. Probably another 5-6 bones more than the Big E 52 hour. I'm paying for two spots this time around and it's going to take some serious overtime for me to swing this without going in debt. I'd never ask a guy to put himself in a bind money wise so he could fish but I did want to say that I'd like to have you along on the trip. If you change your mind let me know to sign you up. I spoke to TOO last week about our crew and it's starting to fill nicely. Looks like only 2-4 spots left right now. Bert
as much as I would love to,and I am biing my lip here, I just cant swing it this year. Not only the trip, but the tip, lodging and food would be a bit much. I still have some gear to rebuild after selling to get the excellent deal on my Humminbird 987Si graph. and it was welllll worth it.
JUST FOUND the trip!!! Venice BABY!!! YEAH!! I will need 4 other people- Contender holds 6. Specifics to come, I told captain we will be down there for a full 2 days, and for him to pick the times to fish.
Ronnie, I think Randy has a couple spots open for his return trip to Tomeny's in Oct. It's a two nighter I think, might be another possibility for you.
got the trip schduled with Capt Eddie on the 12th of October... this is gonna be FUN!
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